Get Visible...

Your principles

 are your little messenger birds.

Your work

is your best ambassador.

EVERYWHERE -- including on social media.

You do NOT have to turn yourself into an uberfeminine brand character and leverage privilege or publish platitudes in order to be effective on social media.

You can create layers of substantial, MEANINGFUL content and 

develop a daily social media system 

that represents what you believe in, 

+ the change you're trying to create

...and use THAT to be distinct, 

get visible and RISE.

Little Birds + Layer Cakes




For socially-committed online entrepreneurs, artists, authors, healers, coaches + culture-makers

who don't want to conform or perform


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I'm Kelly Diels and I'm a feminist marketing consultant. 

I work with socially-committed online entrepeneurs striving to rise, personally, while also making a difference in our culture.

And over and over again, my clients tell me they want to get visible without enacting the norms we oppose.

For people in our position, social media is an avenue to visibility AND a minefield. We look around for possibility models and instead we see formulas for leveraging white beauty norms, and people getting visible by signalling wealth and lifestyle instead of leadership...

But what if that repels you?

Kelly Diels  |  she/her

What if that's not even possible for you?

Conventional social media formulas rely on you having a dominant identity or being willing to leverage it.

And so our challenge, in this semi-technical problem of visibility, is to avoid enacting the things we oppose.

What do we do instead?

We lead with our principles and our actual work.

We build a social media strategy and system on them.

Basically, instead of turning you into a brand character you have to perform, we 

turn your inner convictions + existing content into social media posts.

And that's what Little Birds + Layer Cakes helps you do.

Little Birds + Layer Cakes is my social media strategy and system that helps me and my clients get consistently visible and grow our reach, revenue and influence without selling ourselves out.

I’ve used this process er and over again, to great effect — and so have people who coach with me.

And that's what I'll teach you to do, too, in this 3-hour, recorded online workshop.

Meet Your Teacher

You do NOT have to conform or perform 

in order to get visible and rise

Let this workshop show you a different way to do social media

Here's What I Want You To Know About Visibility & Social Media:

To get visible, you do NOT have to perform a character.

You don't have to be on all the time.

You don't have to be constantly scrambling to be present and visible

or waging mini-wars with yourself about how much is too much

(or not enough).

You don't have to be on a daily content-creation hamster wheel.

You don’t have to assemble a virtual highlight reel.

You don't have to get glamorous photo-shoots in luxury locations

(but creativity is an asset here -- what could you do differently with your photos?)

or post selfies

(but you can if you want to - I think selfies can be a genius form of self-expression).

You don't have to post fluffy memes and generic platitudes.

You don't have to flaunt your lifestyle or your wardrobe

or pretend that you've got it like that.

I don't have to do any of that stuff.

I show up and say what I believe in and what I'm working towards

and an audience gathers.

Because when you say something that matters, people will come sit by the fire.

This is the essence of my Little Birds + Layer Cakes Social Media Method. I'm teaching it in a three hour workshop.

Join us?

Get the Recorded Training

$100 USD

* All Sales Final; Canadian residents will pay 5% GST

Say Something That Matters

and people will come sit by the fire

What You Will Get in Your 

Little Birds + Layer Cakes


Three One-Hour(ish) Recordings

Social Media Training Through a Feminist Lens

Workbook With Exercises

This is a three-part recording of a 3-hour interactive workshop, not a lecture. That means in this class, you'll see fellow culture makers working through the exercises, so that you have real-life examples and you can see how it's done

It's designed to help you start assembling the skeleton of your social media model -- so that when you leave, you have a strategy & system for CONSISTENTLY sharing on social media. Right away. Every day.

You'll complete super-targeted, super-short writing exercises so you can get your brave & MEANINGFUL social media content flowing, easily 

You'll learn how to download your heart and use your vision for your client & our culture as your visibility strategy

 (This is how we counteract the usual social media training that teaches us to conform and perform…while still making sure your social media is EFFECTIVE and helps you get visible)

Your 50+ page guide to creating social media that leads with your principles and your work

Your guide includes:

* A summary of the challenges with conventional lifestyle marketing and how to avoid them 

* An overview of how to use your feminist principles and culture-making vision as personal fuel AND as actual content in your social media system 

* Writing exercises to EASILY generate your divergent, distinct content 

* Samples and mini case-studies showing you how other people are using Little Birds + Layer Cakes so that you have permission and possibility models to riff on

* To do lists and tip sheets so you have a visibility structure for generating and distributing your social media

Your Vision  +  Your Work   =   Your Little Birds

a.k.a VISIBILITY you can be proud of

Your beliefs and principles are a marketing asset, 

not a liability.

They are pure rocket fuel.

Let's use them to build you an effective, meaningful 

social media strategy & system 

that you can feel proud of 

and use 

on a daily basis.

Little Birds + Layer Cakes

A social media strategy + system 

that's based on your principles and work


(rather than performing and conforming)

GeGGet the Recorded Training

$100 USD

* All Sales Final; Canadian residents will pay 5% GST

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