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Kelly Diels

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Six Months of


  • As many sessions as you need, when you need them
  • PLUS access to ALL my courses and workshops

One Payment of

$20,000 USD

Deposit + 10 Month Payment Plan

$ 1,500 per Month
  • Deposit of $5,000 USD
    + 10 monthly payments of $1,250 USD
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This is for you when you’ve built a body of work, a business, platform and a reputation…

…but you still have more audacious culture-making and professional dreams to realize.

With me, you get a THOUGHT PARTNERand Forensic Business Builder

And you get as many sessions with me as you need, when you need them

  • 45 min weekly call? Done.
  • 90 min monthly call? Let's do it.
  • Need a 10-min check-in? OF COURSE.
  • Some other ad-hoc mix? Yes please.

Basically, you can use as many sessions as you need -- I just need a 24 hour heads-up (and we'll do them during my business hours)

You'll also have my phone number so you can text me (during business hours)

No waiting around.

No getting stuck or spinning out 'til our next call.

Let's get  pure momentum, instead.

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Maybe you’re about to launch your flagship offer FOR THE FIRST TIME and you need to build a launch and list-build…like, immediately

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Maybe you’re in your mastery when you’re doing your work…but it’s complex work that’s hard to explain and so you need help developing your message, getting it out there, and SELLING IT

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Maybe you already have a successful podcast and flourishing online following — usually doing work that significantly interrupts our cultural status quo — and now you want to launch a signature program or write a book (and sell it)

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Or you’ve already written a book (or books), are proud of your culture-making work, have a full practice and a healthy gross revenue…but your revenue is underperforming your reputation. You don’t have a lot of profit, time or energy left over and you want to change that

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Or you launched your signature program and the first time it was an outrageous success; the second time it sold only half as many spots; and you’re about to launch it a third time and you suspect that it won’t sell the way you want it to…so you want to regroup and make a plan for a STELLAR launch that achieves your goals

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Or you’ve spent years building a flourishing business and online platform and now it’s time to PIVOT and truly answer what’s calling you (and avoid performing some of the elements of The Female Lifestyle Empowerment Brand)

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In our strategic coaching engagement together, I help you:

  • recommit to your big vision so that you can answer your calling and build out your culture-making and personal visibility
  • build your marketing and thought leadership around your values, vision and principles (rather than having to set them aside in order to sell)
  • define your One True Marketing Message that will get you excited about your work again and  grow your revenue and advance your culture making objectives
  • put an equitable, inclusive Reputation Management Plan in place -- because being accountable AND preserving your body of work are culture-making moves

Grow your platform and list, ASAP

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Assess/audit your current marketing and culture-making infrastructure and develop strategies, sequences and content to fill the gaps or seed new outcomes

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See around corners and identify where you might inadvertently be performing elements of The Female Lifestyle Empowerment Brand

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Build ‘little machines’ (social media, email, segmented sales funnels) that help you cultivate visibility, build your list and make sales

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Map our big-idea essays, book chapters and blog posts; as well as social media, marketing and sales content

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Build the infrastructure for a new program and LAUNCH IT (or re-tool an old one to sell more spots)

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Our UNLIMITED sessions are a hybrid of coaching, consulting and co-creation

On the coaching side:

I help you reaffirm and declare your values and your big why so that you’re clear about your calling and anchored to something bigger than yourself. This ensures that you are fortified, galvanized and ready.

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During this phase of our work together, I provide structure, support and insight so that you can decide and declare what’s important to you in your marketing & thought leadership and articulate your absolute, unwavering values (I call these your “nomaddawhats” because for you, this is happening, no matter what).

(They are a business and culture-making asset and pure energy.)

Then we switch gears.

With respect to your marketing, positioning, copy, and customer journey , I put on my marketing-and-business development hat and get forensic and prescriptive...because we're going to build programssales infrastructure and even crisis management plans that work.

By that I mean we get tactical and write copy and develop infrastructure & plans and make things happen.

I show up with my decade of marketing consulting experience and the insight I’ve gained from working with hundreds of online entrepreneurs to offer you specific, actionable, practical, custom strategies and tactics to implement.

Ready to sign up?

Not in a generic, formulaic way but based on your particular location in your industry AND you’re trying to accomplish in our culture.

Here, I offer strategic advice and hands-on creative collaboration — right down to helping you with your copywriting if need be —

for shaping your marketing message and navigating your community & thought leadership.
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Here’s a sampling — a smorgasbord! —
of things some clients have accomplished in our work together

  • Mapped out the big idea and spine of a book that secured a book deal with a major publishing house
  • Wrote a signature essay about a HUGE idea that overturned cultural or industry norms and built an entire platform (website content, social media, services) around this message
  • Stripped their platform back to the essence of their work and ditched the oppressive marketing tactics and performative personal branding they never felt comfortable with…and as a result started feeling more comfortable being visible + ended up marketing MORE and making more money, not less
  • Built auto-responders and little sales machines and significantly increased their revenue
  • Integrated their social-change goals into their platform
  • Completely redesigned their services, content and message so that it finally feels like them rather than like a character they have to perform
  • Identified new sources of revenue and launched them
  • Developed a system for social media so that time online is no longer running them ragged AND so that they’re accomplishing business and culture-making goals with their posts rather than producing filler content
  • Audited and significantly reduced their marketing expenses so they could generate more profit (one client’s savings were the equivalent of the price of my coaching, so this exercise actually paid for our work together)
  • Increased the number of places to sign-up to their list in their platform and grew their list
  • Got comfortable being visible online (and even started to enjoy it!)
  • Launched a program with a planned, systematic content schedule and netted 30% more  participants than they’d predicted (plus they can re-use the entire launch sequence next year)

What Our Schedule and

Work Will Look Like

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  • We meet as often as you need to -- weekly, monthly, sometimes daily (if you're in the middle of a launch, for example, you might want 10 min check-ins every day for 5 days)
  • We map out your social media, list-building and thought leadership strategies based on your culture-making values.
  • At the end of our work together, you’ll have strategic and substantial message + plan that embodies your values, articulates your One True Marketing Message, and it will be professionally shined up and ready to market.

Even more importantly: you will be ready to market.

Let's hash out the details:

  • We can meet as much as you need to, 3 weeks per month (Week 4 of every month is time off to catch up, rest, integrate and metabolize)
  • You will get several calendar links (90 min, 60 min, 45 min, 30 min, 10 min) so you can always get the right amount of time with me (with 24 hours notice)
  • You will have my phone number for quick texts
  • Business hours are Tuesday - Friday 9-5 PST (excluding July and December)
    • My team and I do not teach classes or see clients in July or December
    • That means if our engagement includes those months, our timeline gets extended so that you get 6 ACTIVE months of coaching
  • You will get access to my entire suite of programs, guest teacher events, and workshops for one year
    • This includes access to LIVE Office Hours for Copywriting for Culture Makers and Social Media for Culture Makers -- feel free to drop in!
  • If you elect to pay via a payment plan, a $5,000 non-refundable deposit will be charged upon sign up
  • The coaching is 6 months but I'm offering an extended 10 month payment plan
  • Your first monthly payment of $1,500 (X 10 months) will be automatically billed 30 days after you sign up
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Flexible payment plans are available — just ask.

Our next step:

Let’s get started!

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Six Months of UNLIMITED

Coaching Sessions

+ my vault of programs

One Payment of

$20,000 USD

Deposit + 10 Month Payment Plan

$ 1,500 per Month
  • Deposit of $5,000 USD
    + 10 monthly payments of $1,500 USD

A Note About Payment Plans, Community Investment, + Scholarships

  • Nope, I don’t charge extra for payment plans. I think it’s unjust.
  • As an undercapitalized women entrepreneur, however, it makes a significant impact in my business when people pay in full. So if you can afford to pay in full, and you choose to, please know you’re making a difference in the business + livelihood of a community member. Thank you and SOLIDARITY.
  • Need a different payment plan for a course or program? The answer is probably yes. Email me at [email protected]
    • A slight caveat: My 1:1 coaching is impactful and it also takes a lot out of me (I go all-in). With that in mind, and to meet my own personal needs & goals, I will be significantly raising my prices in 2023 and asking for either payment in full or payment in 4-5 payments
  • I reserve 10% of my course seats for scholarships and pro-bono work
    • In 2022, I extended $70,644 in scholarships, pro-bono & pay-what-you-can arrangements to 61 people
    • Scholarships, discounts and pro-bono spots are offered in workshops, group programs and Masterminds only