Find a Certified Culture Making Copywriter!

Find a Certified Culture Making Copywriter!

Words can convince people to make life-altering and even culture-changing decisions - and our Certified Culture Making Copywriters know how to choose them with care. Just filter by name or location to find a writer for your website, sales page, blog, social feed, or anywhere else where words are needed.

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The average copywriter is taught to leverage scarcity, abuse reciprocity, manufacture authority, and misuse community for sales.

Graduates of the Copywriting for Culture Makers Certification know better.

We don’t mince words, but we do avoid exploitative tactics and subconscious social triggers - triggers that are known to be politically problematic and personally dangerous. Each of my graduates learns frameworks and repeatable processes for creating effective online copy through the lens of justice. They also come equipped with a bundle of ethical interview questions, templates, swipe files, and a complete copy portfolio from the course. 

How it works

Need a Certified Culture Making Copywriter for your business or marketing efforts? 

You’re more than welcome to search our system by location or style of copywriting and reach out to the writer (or writers) of your choice. Just know that although those listed are certified, I take no responsibility for the success of your collaboration. Best of luck with your project, and thank you for your commitment to upholding justice in our world.  


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Ellissa – FSM Nagle

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