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for Culture Makers

For entrepreneurs, coaches, writers, marketing professionals, healers, leaders and culture-makers who want to:



Welcome to the only copywriting course

that coaches you to build your business
develop your signature cultural contribution

using the proven

Copy Power Framework


Let's Write

Our Way There


Writers, Marketers & Entrepreneurs are

Culture Makers

Our words convince people to make life-altering
and even culture-changing decisions.

That's why we get paid to write or hire copywriters for our businesses.

Because words have impact.

They are tools of influence and we use them
to build websites, brands, campaigns, and cultures.

We use them to influence each other.


But These Institutions Were Not Made for Us

If you're reading this, it's probably because you already know that the unjust status quo was built to privilege some people and exploit others...

And you already know that using existing systems and formulas, as-is, simply replicates oppression.

This is also true of the institution of copywriting.

Traditional copywriting teaches you to persuade and convince people using subconscious social triggers.

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early every online marketing system teaches you to leverage oppression.

I said what I said.

Mainstream business and copywriting trainings REGULARLY teach us to:

  • use pain points
  • shame your client
  • manufacture unearned authority
  • misuse the 'social triggers' of scarcity, reciprocity & community and deploy them AGAINST our clients
  • deliberately trigger people, subconsciously, to get them to make unconscious decisions -- often in financially high-risk situations

The triggers and tactics baked into these models are politically problematic -- and often, personally dangerous.

That's where

Copywriting for Culture Makers

comes in.

We don't play that rigged game.


Let's unlearn.

Let's take responsibility.

Let's Rise.

Let's WRITE.

Copywriting for Culture Makers teaches you the non-exploitative language models you need to write words that sell -- without selling anyone out.

  • In it, you will learn a non-exploitative, EFFECTIVE copy framework and repeatable process for creating MONEY-MAKING online copy through the lens of justice -- for yourself, organizations, or copywriting clients.
  • Each module contains a video lesson (with transcript) and workbook containing exercises, prompts and resources.


  • There's one certification assignment per module; complete them all and submit for them in order to earn your certification.
  • GROUP COACHING. Drop in to monthly group coaching sessions with Kelly Diels so you can get feedback and suggestions for elevating your language, copy & strategy

The Copywriting for Culture Makers Certification Program

Pay In Full

$3,600 USD

12 Monthly Payments

$300 USD per month

Get certified to write money-making, culture-making copy that creates more impact, less harm

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Unlearn. First, you'll take a tour of traditional copywriting systems and learn how to detect its subconscious, low-consent, high-risk triggers... you can spot them both in the wild and in your own work AND THEN GET RID OF THEM.

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Get coaching. Join the monthly group coaching sessions with Kelly Diels so you can get feedback on pages you've created and suggestions for elevating your brand language and increasing your conversions

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Build a new foundation. Learn the framework for Culture Making Copywriting and how to apply its principles, processes, and marketing strategies... you can create effective copy that does NOT leverage oppression.

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Get ready for professional practice. Get equipped with a bundle containing interview questions, copy templates, swipe files, and a list of tech tools so you can quickly set up a back-end you feel confident about...and then, get to work!

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WRITE. You'll learn to write dynamic and MEMORABLE Sales Pages, About Pages, Home Pages and website copy.

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Create a portfolio. The modules are designed to help you produce an entire website of copy (yours, or a client's).

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NO BUSY WORK. Exercises and assignments are designed to help you generate copy you can USE right away -- on your own site or for clients

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Get Certified. Submit your completed assignments for certification -- then highlight your Copywriting for Culture Makers Certificate in YOUR bio, on LinkedIn, and your website. Show clients they can trust you NOT to use subconscious triggers/predatory sales tactics against thems).

A Note About Countdown Timers:

Count-down timers can create a sense of *false* urgency (if the deadline isn't real), so yep, we should be careful about using them in high-risk, life-altering selling situations.

AND ALSO some neuro-divergent folks in my life have told me that countdown timers help them track things that are important to them and are therefore a tool that helps them make effective decisions.

These kinds of things are EXACTLY the kinds of things we discuss and navigate in Copywriting for Culture Makers.

Copywriting for Culture Makers isn't about coming up with a new set of rules to obey.

It's about navigating our complex realities, intentionally.

Meet the Team

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Trevia Woods
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Ntathu Allen
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Julie Neufeld
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Meet the Founder


I'm Kelly Diels


I’m a writer, a business educator + coach, and a deliberate culture-maker.

For the last 12 years, I've taught culture-making entrepreneurs how make money AND justice by baking their principles into every aspect of their work — including their copywriting & marketing.

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featured in:

KD Featured in

The entrepreneurs and organizations I work with are culture makers

committed to using our voices, our media, our business practices and our platforms to make a better world, right now.

I want you to know that yes, it IS possible to get attention and sales WITHOUT using exploitative copywriting tactics and subconscious social triggers,

aka "traditional online copywriting".

Instead, you can learn and use the Culture Making Copywriting Framework + suite of tools.

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Culture Making Copywriting means

applying your principles to your copy and writing through the lens of justice.


The Culture Making Copywriting Framework and its tactics are based on explicit consent, shared values, vision, inclusion and deliberate, conscious action -- so you can create copy that shines...

...without any harmful, oppressive side-effects.

And in a marketplace saturated with contempt for the customer, thoughtful content that's based on respect for your customer WILL stand out.

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  • Gets Attention


  • Builds Influence


  • Grows Businesses


WITHOUT leveraging oppression

That's why we've got pre-work and
post-work modules
wrapped around the actual copywriting tutorials.

Most copywriting courses would only offer one of these things...but in Culture Making for Copywriters, we focus on the entire lifecycle of your writing and intellectual property. We want you to have a structured way to do the pre-thinking necessary for creating copy that sings (and sells!). And we want you to know how to actually run a launch using the copy you just wrote 🙂

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Business Foundation for Culture Makers

BONUS 1: Instant access to these foundational business training courses...

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Roots of Online Marketing

To know how make an impact, we need to know what we're working with. This course helps you understand the tactics of oppressive marketing, so you can spot them on your own, take evasive action, and independently INNOVATE. (Let's do business differently!)

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Forget customer avatars and start locating your client instead.

To locate your client means locating the cultural context they're navigating, and how it impacts the problem you help them transform. Knowing this is the key to selling without pressing pain points.

This essential pre-work will help you understand what your client needs, what's been blocking them so far, and how to grow language that truly speaks to your client WITHOUT GASLIGHTING THEM, while also clarifying your own work to YOU.

In other words: you create a brief for how to sell to your client without exploiting them.

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Your 10 Modules

KD - FemmeCopywritingCert Program Icons V2_Module 1 - Copy


In Module 1, we do two big things:

  1. Map the abusive, oppressive traditional copywriting systems that have become the 'norm' in online marketing so that you will INSTANTLY recognize those tactics when you see them and AVOID REPLICATING THEM in your own copy.
  2. Learn The 5-Step Messaging Model, an alternate --and EFFECTIVE-- copywriting method that invites your client to take deliberate, conscious action based on vision, values and the actual substance of your work.
KD - CM CopywritingCert Program Icons V1_Module 2


What do culture makers do? We name our experiences and we invent language to describe them. (Think: mansplaining, gaslighting, derailing, intersectional, cis, kyriarchy.) In Module 2, you'll use THE NAMING FRAMEWORK for CULTURE MAKERS to build out specific, STAND-OUT brand language for your copy.

KD - FemmeCopywritingCert Program Icons V2_Module 3 - Copy


In Module 3, you'll complete exercises to reveal Your One True Marketing Message, which has two gorgeous consequences:

1) You'll craft an irresistable 3-5 word phrase that gets you known AND makes your clients' hearts answer YES

2) You'll be able to explain what you do in one quick sentence instead of a half-hour dissertation 🙂

KD - FemmeCopywritingCert Program Icons V2_Module 4 - Copy


Conventional About Pages use rags-to-riches or Cinderella stories to manufacture unearned authority. In Module 4, you'll replace that privilege tactic by using a framework for writing RICHER, MORE SUBSTANIAL About Pages that are based on lineage, lived experience, and your client's body of work (or yours!).

KD - FemmeCopywritingCert Program Icons V2_Module 5 - Copy


In this module, we're drawing upon the Naming work you previously did in Module 2 to describe your Methodology in CONCRETE terms, so that your client instantly grasps the benefits of working with you. You'll also learn how to use your Work With Mepage  as a tour of your entire site, so that your reader stays longer, learns more, and feels more CONNECTED to your work.

KD - FemmeCopywritingCert Program Icons V2_Module 6 copy


In conventional copywriting, sales pages start by manufacturing a problem and then pressing on pain points so that people are subconsciously triggered into "solving" the problem by purchasing. In Module 6, you'll do it differently and learn how to start sales pages with a vision + shared values, so that people reading can consciously and deliberately DECIDE to take action.

KD - FemmeCopywritingCert Program Icons V2_Module 7 copy


In Module 7, you'll continue working on the second half of the sales page. You'll learn how to "bear loving witness" to your end-users' challenge (instead of pressing pain points); how to dissolve shame and invite action; and complete prompts that will help you translate the logistics of the offer into DESIRABLE BENEFITS that RESONATE with potential customers.

KD - FemmeCopywritingCert Program Icons V2_Module 8 - Copy


Whenever there's an opportunity to opt-in, that needs to be as HIGH CONSENT as possible. That's why in Module 8, you'll a framework and tactics for creating high-consent Subscribe Pages and Landing Pages

KD - CM CopywritingCert Program Icons V1_Module 9


Culture-Making copywriting means documenting THE ACTUAL BUSINESS PRACTICES, not the optics. In Module 9, you'll complete exercises and prompts designed to generate copy for 1) a Manifesta and 2) the outline of a Values Statement explaining your foundational First Principles and the business practices & policies that flow from them -- so clients know that they're aligned and want to work with you and only you.

KD - FemmeCopywritingCert Program Icons V2_Module 10 - Copy


In week 10, you'll build on the brand language you defined in modules 2, 3 and 4 and use it to add the final flourishing touches to your website copy: meta descriptions, button text, drop-down menu titles, and calls-to-action.


Nine months of live, weekly meditation classes with Ntathu Allen. Because culture-making work, like culture making copywriting, means unlearning old patterns and inventing new ones. We're literally playing a double game, and that's work with a high energetic burn. We need to replenish. That's what Ntathu's 'Return to Love' sessions are about: tending our spirits as we do big work in the world. Wednesdays at 8am PST. (They're also recorded so you can tap into them when it suits you)

Group Coaching with Kelly Diels

Monthly group coaching sessions are the first Tuesday of each month at 9am PST.

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Earn Your Culture Making Copywriting Certification

10 Modules

10 months of Group Coaching

Pay In Full

$3,600 USD

12 Monthly Payments

$300 USD per month


Learn how to write money-making copy
through the lens of justice.

so you can create flourishing new realities for your clients, your communities

and yourself

Copywriting for Culture Makers

Learn how to write words that sell

without selling anyone out


More Impact,

Less Harm

10 Modules | 10 Months of Group Coaching

Get started right away!

Pay In Full

$3,600 USD

12 Monthly Payments

$300 USD per month

A Note About Payment Plans, Community Investment, + Scholarships

  • Nope, I don’t charge extra for payment plans. I think it’s unjust.
  • As an undercapitalized women entrepreneur, however, it makes a significant impact in my business when people pay in full. So if you can afford to pay in full, and you choose to, please know you’re making a difference in the business + livelihood of a community member. Thank you and SOLIDARITY.
  • Need a different payment plan for a course or program? The answer is probably yes. Email me at [email protected]

More Impact,
Less Harm

Thank you for being here with me.