Find a Certified Culture Making Social Media Marketer!

Find a Certified Culture Making Social Media Marketer!

Social media is a powerful tool for creating social connection, collaboration, and change - and our Certified Culture Making Social Media Marketers do it all in the name of justice. Just filter by name or location to find an expert for your social channels.

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Social media is too often used as a tool to leverage dominant identities that oppose everything we stand for.

Graduates of the Social Media for Culture Makers Certification know better. 

We’re not interested in playing the game - the generic platitudes, the daily content creation hamster wheel, or the virtual highlight reel - but we are ready to change it. Each of my graduates learns how to channel their authentic inner convictions into an effective social media presence, and do the same for all of their justice-hungry clients. After an education filled with powerful feminist strategies, tactics, tech, and processes, they come away prepared to do something with real social currency.

How it works

Need a Certified Culture Making Social Media Marketer for your business or marketing efforts? 

You’re more than welcome to search our system by location and reach out to the person (or people) of your choice. Just know that although those listed are certified, I take no responsibility for the success of your collaboration. Best of luck with your project, and thank you for your commitment to upholding justice in our world. 


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Ellissa – FSM Nagle

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