The Feminist Copywriting Agency

Kelly and Rebeca feminist copywriting agency

The Feminist Copywriting Agency

Incredible, on-brand copy
for your legacy work

that makes money
without leveraging oppression

From a skilled, feminist copywriting team you can trust to deliver

Led by Kelly Diels, founder of

The Feminist Copywriting Framework

and Copywriting for Culture Makers.


4 spots available in 2023
2 spots available in 2023

Unveil Your Legacy WorkShow Up With Clarity & CoherenceScale Your Reach & Revenue

Let’s write you a beautiful website that makes money and justice.

A website that is the highest representation of your work and your values.

A website that sells.

Without the shame, pain, and fake scarcity of Conventional Copywriting.

And WITHOUT the wealth and privilege-signaling of The Female Lifestyle Empowerment Brand.

You won’t find any of that here.

There’s a more just way

to build power with your words.

Welcome to the Feminist Copywriting Agency.

Here, we use my Feminist Copywriting Framework to  produce high-converting copy that does NOT compromise your principles.

You get two of the most accomplished copywriters in the business (if we do so say so ourselves). We're rare birds who specialize in marketing and copywriting through the lens of justice.

Creatives at the top of their game. Just like you are.

If you’re a principled, accomplished, ambitious entrepreneur with a big vision for the world —

We’re here to support your big growth phase with coherent, on-point copy, done-for-you in only one month.

This is your legacy work.

And we’ll treat it as such.


Your Legacy Website

Brilliantly positioned & beautifully coherent website copy that grows your platform without bending your principles. 


Creative Directed by Kelly Diels.


Written in partnership with her Chief Copywriter,

Rebeca Arango.


Ready in one month.


4 spots available in 2023

2 spots available in 2023



And you want your website to show it. 

You’ve built an awesome business. Become truly exceptional at what you do. And grown unapologetic about who you are, what you care about, and where you’re going.

You’re done holding back, ad-hocing your brand, or being the writer in your business.

You’re also not willing to do what the standard internet millionaire or Female Lifestyle Empowerment Brand is touting as the way to cross the million dollar mark!

Instead, you want to turn up the volume on who you truly are and why your work matters. To show up in your copy with blazing clarity and deep coherence...

So your website can successfully turn all the traffic you're about to drive into list subscribers, book pre-orders, program applications, discovery calls, and revenue...

And you scale in a way that reflects your convictions, love and care.

Let's write your Legacy Website.

Hi, I'm Kelly Diels. [She/Her]

I’m a business development coach, marketing consultant, feminist mentor, writer, and founder of the Feminist Copywriting Framework.

Over the years of teaching this method, I’ve seen thousands of entrepreneurs echo what I’ve long known to be true:

We don’t need Conventional Copywriting to be influential leaders, educators, coaches or specialists in our spaces.

We don’t need to conform to a marketing status quo of shaming people, pressing on pain-points and preying on insecurities to sell our work widely and prolifically.

Feminist Copywriting is an even more effective way to establish influence, inspire action and make the money you need to thrive.

Hi, I'm Kelly

Now you can hire me to write your website copy.


For years clients have asked me what it would take for me to write their websites personally.

So I’ve partnered with my Chief Copywriter, Rebeca Arango, to give you what you’re looking for — my cultural analysis, marketing insights, and copywriting skills plus a done-for-you service — in a sustainable, non-exploitative model.

Welcome to the Feminist Copywriting Agency.

Instead of pressing on pain points to show we know the problem, we bear loving witness.

Instead of signaling privilege and faux-authority, we dig deeper to showcase your true strengths.


Instead of evoking states of fear, shame and FOMO that trigger risky decisions…

We build readers up, normalize their experiences, and give them everything they need to make the best choice for them.

We make it easy for people to see why you're their favorite leader in the space...

...and help them visualize exactly how life will be different with your work.

When you hire the Feminist Copywriting Agency to write Your Legacy Website Copy, you get:

Kelly Diels’ Creative Direction, high-touch collaboration and hands-on approval of your website copy.

I’m here co-creating your copy every step of the way. I personally meet with you, review your business and determine the best market positioning and Legacy Messaging to sell your work at the rates you need.

I’m personally making changes and infusing your copy with my writing, marketing mastery, and cultural analysis. Read more about our process here.

Writing and copy editing from Chief Copywriter, Rebeca Arango.

KD - Flora Team Member Icons_Meet The Team - Rebeca

While you’re doing what you do best, I work 1:1 with my writer to make sure your copy is everything we talked about and more.

Rebeca is an instructor in my Copywriting for Culture Makers course. She has over 12 years copywriting experience and has been training with me as a Feminist Copywriter for over 3 years.

That’s TWO incredible, seasoned writers teaming up to bring you exceptional culture-making copy.

If you’re one of the folks who wish I still offered copywriting, I created this for you. I know how powerful it is to have your copy done by a talented professional with a process – especially when your business is in full swing, you’re spinning all the plates, and you’re at the pivot-point before scaling. Collaboration makes us stronger and in this case, you're getting two seasoned marketing minds thinking through every angle of your new website.

Your Entire Website + Nurture Sequence Written in One Month 

Like renovating a home, doing it all at once helps create a coherent, on-brand journey through your body of work. Your Legacy Website includes everything you need to move folks from first impressions, to subscribers, to paying customers, including:

  • Your Home Page, About Page, Signature Sales Page, Work With Me Page,  Nurture/Welcome Sequence, and Opt-in Copy.
  • All thoughtfully structured and stylized to provide a warm, inviting and no-fuss flow into working with you.
  • Need more pages? Ask about our add-ons.


BONUS: 1:1 Coaching Session with Kelly Diels 

Let’s make sure you’re set up for success. We’ll meet 2-3 months after your project concludes for a private coaching session so you stay on track with the vision and goals you had for this website.

We can use this time to tune up bits of copy based on any pivots or AHA-moments, review your marketing strategy, address any visibility hang-ups, and generally support you in scaling this business according to your values.

BONUS: 7 Short Courses to Support Your Roll Out 

I want you to have everything you need to activate all that beautiful copy. Voila, a selection of my trainings & workshops to help you roll out this new era of your business brilliantly.

You get:

  • High Consent List Building ($300 Value). Steadily and SIGNIFICANTLY grow your list with feminist strategies, including promoting your new site on social media.
  • Generation E ($300 Value). Now that you’ve got an awesome welcome sequence for new subscribers, use my sustainable, low-lift newsletter writing system to maintain and deepen the relationship.
  • Launch Like a Culture Maker ($100 Value). Put repeatable sales infrastructure into place so launches are no longer a nightmare. Instead, they’re a source of steady, life-giving revenue.
  • A Quick Culture Making Guide to Instagram ($100 Value). Transform your social media from time-suck to list builder through a feminist lens.
  • Build a Little Sales Machine ($50 Value). Need a cash flow boost? This training helps you quickly & consistently sell coaching spots and small courses without a formal launch.
  • The Roots of Online Marketing. Ever wonder why online marketing makes so many of us cringe? Let’s spot the patterns, so we can do it on our own terms.
  • Feminist Marketing. You care about the impact of your visibility on the culture. Here’s how to sell your work and grow your audience according to your principles.

Hiring out your website lets you keep doing what only you can do. 

And being seen and bolstered by professionals at the height of their powers (just like you are) not only saves you a ton of time, it also gives you a burst of confidence to carry out your 3-5 year plans.

4 spots available in 2023

2 spots available in 2023






All the words you need to sell your work more confidently than ever.



  • We take on ONE client each month, so you have our attention & devotion. No one else is on our mind or our docket.
  • Our work begins on the FIRST MONDAY of your reserved month and follows a set schedule.
  • Your dates are booked as soon as you place your deposit so you know exactly what to expect and when to expect it.
  • Your folder of copy is triple-approved by Kelly, super-proofed by Rebeca and ready to go to your designer by the FINAL FRIDAY of the month.






Scroll down to review our 2023 SCHEDULE & see which month works best for you.


Your Legacy Website:


Hello hot sh*t messaging. Give people the confident first impression they need to move swiftly towards their next-best action.


None of the right people miss your mailing list. We delight them with plenty of irresistible, consent-led invitations to get on your list.


Show the world what matters to you, the real YOU – not some fake internet millionaire or Female Lifestyle Empowerment Brand. This is TRUE, culture-making visibility. On your terms.


Folks easily find what they need from you, right now. They know exactly how they can learn from you, what they can pay you to do, and why. Long-term game-changing.


Make your numbers WITHOUT exploitative tactics. Instead lead with your values, vision, legitimate authority, and loving witness so people feel seen, inspired and sold – but not “sold to.”


Your site visitors are curious about you as they’ll ever be. Now’s the time to follow up with an email sequence and share the wisdom, education and inspiration they’re looking for. A must-have for making the most of your existing body of work.

All of the above, ready-to-go in just one month.

Done by the team you can trust to deliver high-converting, true-to-you copy without exploitative marketing tactics.

This is your LEGACY work.

And we treat it as such.



Ask about our add-on services.

Our Monthly Process


Reserve Your Month & Submit Your Business.

Pay your deposit to reserbe your spot on our calendar. Receive an easy questionnaire that reveals all the insights and info we need to spin your copy gold.


Strategy & Positioning Interview with Kelly.

On the first Monday of your booked month, meet with Kelly for a deep dive about your clients, your positioning. Expect sparks of copy ideas that feel like OMG YES.


First Round of Copy & Video Walkthrough.

By mid-month, you’re holding crisp, beautiful copy in your hands. You cannot believe this is your website, and yet it’s unmistakably you.


Review Meeting with Rebeca

After a few days’ sit with your copy, meet with Kelly's Chief Copywriter to review your insights and inklings so we can dial it in even more.


Final Copy Delivery

After a round of revision based on your notes, Kelly approves your final design-ready copy. Your copy is polished, proofed and ready to go.


And just like that, you’re ready to go with copy you love.


P.S. If you discover something new in this process, and want to go deeper with additions or changes of content, we’re here to help with hourly overflow time or add-on project rates.



We work with one client per month.

Review our calendar for

4 available spots

3 available spots


 September, October or November


The Feminist Copywriting Agency


 2 spots available in 2023


Pay In Full

$12,500 USD
  • Spots available in Sep, Oct, Nov 2023

5 Monthly Payments

$2,500.00 USD per month
  • Spots available in Sep, Oct, Nov 2023


  • Your Legacy Website Questionnaire. Our thoughtful questions make it easy for your client insights, convictions and vision to float to the surface.
  • 55-minute Strategy Interview with Kelly Diels. Spark irresistible messaging ideas and unveil the brilliant positioning for your legacy work.
  • 45-minute Review Meeting with Rebeca Arango. Discuss your notes so we can dial in the language and make sure everything sounds like you.
  • Your Legacy Website Copy Folder. Formatted, organized, proofed copy for your Home Page, About Page, Work With Me Page, Signature Sales Page, Nurture Sequence, and OPTIONAL Contact Page.
  • Proven 1-Month Creative Process. You’re hiring a highly seasoned team you can trust to deliver on-time, with all your dates prescheduled.
  • BONUS: Follow-up 1:1 Coaching Session with Kelly Diels. Meet 2-3 months later to make sure this new copy supports your expansion.
  • BONUS: 7 Trainings & Workshops to Support Your Roll Out. Nearly $1K in courses including Generation E, Launch like a Culture Maker, High Consent List Building, Build a Little Sales Machine, A Quick Culture Making Guide to Instagram, The Roots of Online Marketing, Feminist Marketing.

Review our 2023 availability calendar above & reserve your copy delivery date now.

We are currently booking

4 spots

 2 spots

for October and November 2023 and have set dates available for meetings and delivery.

Have more questions?


Book a discovery call and let's talk it through.


You have a big vision for the world. 

And a big vision for your business. 

Let’s write your way there. 


There’s so much you’re ready to say out loud.

Perhaps a new audience you’re ready to reach.

Or a bold new perspective on your body of work.

Let’s get it all down on paper and up online,

so you can get back to doing what you do best...

...And enter your biggest growth phase yet.

Hire us to write YOUR LEGACY WEBSITE.

Brilliantly positioned & beautifully coherent website copy that grows your platform without bending your principles.


Kelly and Rebeca the feminist copywriting agency


Pay In Full

$12,500 USD
  • Spots Available in August, Sept, Oct, Nov
  • New Client Questionnaire to surface your insights and vision.
  • 55-minute Strategy Interview with Kelly Diels to inform your creative direction.
  • 45-minute Review Meeting with Rebeca Arango to dial in the copy.
  • Your Legacy Website Copy: Home, About, Work With Me, Signature Sales Page & Nurture Sequence.
  • Proven 1-Month Creative Process from a team you can trust to deliver.
  • BONUS: Follow-up 1:1 Coaching Session with Kelly Diels so you make the most of your copy.
  • BONUS: 7 Trainings & Workshops to support your website roll out.

5 Monthly Payments

$2,500.00 USD per month
  • Spots Available in August, Sept, Oct, Nov
  • New Client Questionnaire to surface your insights and vision.
  • 55-minute Strategy Interview with Kelly Diels to inform your creative direction.
  • 45-minute Review Meeting with Rebeca Arango to dial in the copy.
  • Your Legacy Website Copy: Home, About, Work With Me, Signature Sales Page & Nurture Sequence.
  • Proven 1-Month Creative Process from a team you can trust to deliver.
  • BONUS: Follow-up 1:1 Coaching Session with Kelly Diels so you make the most of your copy.
  • BONUS: 7 Trainings & Workshops to support your website roll out.

refund policy

Copywriting is subjective. We trust your careful yes.

We are proven professionals who hold ourselves to exceptionally high standards. We do everything possible to present you with polished copy that conveys your work in the most robust, compelling and just plain irresistible way.

Our proven process includes a carefully considered revisions stage of the project in which we invite feedback that can get integrated into the final copy.

As such, we do not offer refunds on creative work. If a client chooses to stop participating before project completion, their payments are still due in full.

Investing in professional copywriting is a significant commitment of time, money and energy. It’s a serious investment in your business, and one that can generate a big return across years.

We appreciate your careful yes — and we have faith in it.