Copy of Feminist Marketing Workshop

Turn Your Beliefs into Your Business Practices

You're here to build a flourishing business.

You're committed to justice.

You have a vision for a better world...

And you want to call it forward and learn how to do that, now.

  • In your personal life
  • In the communities & groups you participate in and lead
  • And ESPECIALLY in your business, marketing, and social media
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Welcome To The

Feminist Marketing Workshop

3 Video Trainings

+ Exercises + Resources

$100 USD

  • Feminist Biz Practices that GROW Your Business

  • Problematic Practices to Avoid

  • How to Discern & Decide for Yourself



  • Inspiring Success Stories so you know it's possible
  • Exercises, Resources & Swipe Copy

Join The Feminist Marketing Workshop

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Meet Your Teacher

I'm Kelly Diels (she/her) and I'm a feminist marketing consultant.

I've written for Jezebel, Salon, and Alternet and been interviewed for Forbes (about being an "XL boss"!). 

My feminism is about inclusion + justice and dismantling all forms of oppression (no white feminism, thankyouverymuch). 

In the last ten years I've consulted with national & international feminist organizations and coached thousands of feminist entrepreneurs. #WeAreTheCultureMakers

I've been raising awareness for YEARS about how mainstream online business practices are oppressive.

That's why I developed alternative, feminist business practices. I wanted to ensure that justice-oriented entrepreneurs have the tools we need to THRIVE, 

The feminist marketing systems & strategies I teach in this workshop can help you grow a flourishing business....without exploitation or leveraging privilege.

What Can You Expect From The Workshop?


3 Substantial Video Trainings

This is not a superficial stuff.

We go deep so that you're equipped to critically evaluate "normal" business practices for their impact -- on your own.

You'll leave knowing how to audit your business practices and make powerful changes to grow both your livelihood AND a culture of justice.


Written Resources

Some of us are auditory learners; some of us learn better through text.

If you're a text-learner, I've included resources + exercises that map out the key learnings and context... you have it in the format that suits you best 🙂


Experience + 

Deep Consideration 

Business as usual won’t be found here.

Instead, you'll find business practices grounded in feminist theory & structural analysis -- ready to implement in YOUR business.

This is about implementing the practices that create a flourishing business AND collective justice.

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This isn't about an online performance. This is about our


Our businesses. Our voices. 

Our line items. Our social media.

Let's use what we've got  to change EVERYTHING.

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Join The

Feminist Marketing Workshop

3 Video Trainings

+ Exercises + Resources

$100 USD

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