GOOD MONEY Pricing Course by Kelly Diels and Danielle Cohen

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Everything You Need to Know About Pricing to Flourish

For 1:1 Service Professionals

and People Who Sell Courses & Intellectual Property


helps you make GREAT MONEY

Let's get it right.


Here's What You Will Learn:

  • The 3 Most Common Pricing Errors that Result in Chronic Under-Earning — and How To Avoid Them
  • 3 Money Metrics You NEED to Know to Grow (They Change Everything)
  • The 4 Pillars of Pricing (Most programs only teach you one or two...but all 4 are CRITICAL)
  • How to Stop Feeling Guilty About Charging For Your Services

  • Our Number #1 Pricing Shame-Buster (and it’s not your “Money Mindset”)
  • Somatics + Pricing — How to Regulate Your Nervous System So You Can Move Beyond Money Fears, Money Guilt and Money Shame
  • Business Modeling — How Pricing is Just One Part of Your Revenue Plan
  • Figure out Your ‘Affordability’ and ‘Accessibility’ Strategies Without Sacrificing Your Business or Your Well-Being

What You Get:


1. Good Money Masterclass

With Kelly Diels & Danielle Cohen

A video & audio masterclass from two seasoned, successful entrepreneurs that will: 

  • Reframe the larger money conversation into one that's actually productive & do-able
  • Dissolve money guilt that is not yours to carry
  • Expand your business literacy chops
  • Help you regulate your nervous system when it is activated around $$$
  • Expand your capacity to stand in what you really need and want
  • Give you the bigger picture for why entrepreneurs with marginalized identities or who’ve been financially deprived experience pricing challenges AND HELP YOU CHANGE THAT in your business

2. Price Like a Culture Maker

Self-Study Course taught by Kelly Diels

The Price Like a Culture Maker course is structured as a printable workbook accompanied by 5 video lessons teaching you key pricing & business metrics, through the lens of social impact & community contribution (you know, culture making).

The goal is for you to be immediately get to work defining & calculate a pricing structure that enables you to:

  • STOP FEELING GUILTY about charging for your work
  • Make the business model calculations necessary to grow a thriving, sustainable business based on feminist, culture-making business principles...without overworking yourself
  • Bake your social contribution into your prices & revenue strategy
  • Sharpen your business literacy chops so that you can confidently assemble a business model you feel great about -- and one that works!

3. Right Relationship Pricing


This independent-study course from Danielle Cohen is one one part nervous syst4em reset, one part tactical business planning, PLUS a robust spreadsheet tool you can use over and over again to price your services & manage your money.

The end result? A thoroughly-costed pricing structure, a revenue plan, a business model that makes sense...

...and the nervous system capacity to sustain it.


4. Recording of a Group Q+A SESSION

Now that you've done some pre-work on your pricing, listen to the questions other people in your cohort had, and learn from the advice given to them.

No more spiralling or getting stuck on your course-work. Instead, learn from the expert, doable feedback  shared in this Q&A so you can drop into money momentum. 


Meet Your Pricing Dream Team

I'm Kelly Diels [She/Her]

I’m Kelly Diels. I'm a business development coach for culture makers. I help socially responsible entrepreneurs make money AND justice.

My work is inclusive -- no white feminism, thankyouverymuch -- and I'm ridiculously, relentlessly practical about money, pricing and building out our businesses to thrive.

Because I know we are building the institutions of the future.

My work has been featured in Jezebel, Salon, Alternet and cited in several culture-making books.

Hi, I'm Kelly
Hi, I'm Danielle

I’m Danielle Cohen.[She/Her]

I'm a brand builder and visibility expert with a rich, deep background in attachment theory, somatics and relational practices. I help pro-social humans with big dreams birth and sustain their most important work. That means I spend a lot of time working with my clients on money and their nervous systems.

I coached Kelly in building out her own visibility & platform and I've worked with some of the brightest lights in industries ranging from business to coaching to Hollywood.

What’s Extra Special About Our Work:

We know that money & pricing & business & LIFE doesn’t happen in a vacuum.

Our approach to business is whole-life, socio-politically and somatically-informed, in these 4 important ways:

Meet the rest of the Flora team

KD - FCC - New Bonus Icons_Meet The Team - NTathu-min

Ntathu Allen, Meditation Teacher

KD - FCC - New Bonus Icons_Meet The Team - Trevia-min

Trevia Woods, Community Manager





Get the Pricing Tools You Need

We've Got to Talk About
The Spreadsheet Bundle

aka The Right Relationship Pricing Tool

The spreadsheet bundle/Right Relationship Pricing Tool developed by Danielle Cohen in MONEY MEDICINE will get you crystal clear on your numbers.

Step by step, you will develop & document a pricing rationale that accounts for what it actually takes to deliver your services and programs -- AND PAY YOU APPROPRIATELY.

You will know EXACTLY what you need to earn in 2023 in order to flourish in your business and personal life...

...and then the Revenue Planner tab shows you the product mix you need to develop, and how many services/programs you need to sell, in order to reach that number.

Use it over and over again to plan and grow your business from month-to-month and year to year.

We can't overstate it: this tool is spectacular
and it is a game changer


Let’s review everything you’re getting in GOOD MONEY, shall we?


3 Courses


Spreadsheet Tool


Recorded Group Q+A Session



Learn the 4 Pillars of Pricing and why people with marginalized identities or who’ve been financially deprived experience pricing challenges...

...AND HOW YOU CHANGE THAT in your business.

COURSE: Price Like a Culture Maker

5 video modules + printable workbook teaching you key pricing & business metrics, through the lens of justice + social impact so you can price to make money AND justice.

COURSE: Money Medicine

How to source & regulate your nervous system around $$$; tactical business planning, PLUS a robust spreadsheet tool you can use over and over again to price your services.

Recorded Group Q+A

No more spiralling or getting stuck. Instead, learn from the questions + pricing calculations other students contributed  -- and the advice + coaching they received -- in this recorded group Q+A session with Kelly and Danielle.

ONLINE GROUP on Mighty Networks

I have a feeling I’m not the only one who cringes at the thought of logging on to Facebook. It’s a delight, then, to host this program and group on the woman-founded platform, Mighty Networks. It’s a better user experience in every way, and another place for us to forge alliances, swap resources, encourage each other and gather feedback on our work.


Ntathu Allen specializes in restorative breath work and meditation and helps culture makers and leaders tend their nervous systems and their spirits... you can keep personally flourishing while contributing your gifts to our world.

You get access to:

  • 1 recorded meditation specifically about making GOOD MONEY
  • Weekly LIVE guided meditations every Wednesday at 8am PST




3 Pricing Courses
Spreadsheet Bundle
Recorded Q+A Session

Pay In Full

$300 USD

2 Monthly Payments

$150 USD per month

Transparency Note


We could easily charge thousands of dollars for this program (and later, we probably will).

But right now we're offering GOOD MONEY for the disproportionately low price of $300 because it helps us bring more people into our FLORA business mastermind.

Participating in GOOD MONEY gives you a sneak peek and the quality of what we teach and the business transformation that you can experience when you join FLORA.

PLUS offering it for $300 also makes this practical business literacy skill — pricing -- more available to our wider audience & community.

You don’t have to be interested in Flora to get a LOT out of this course.

We promise the program is an actual program, not an extended, explicit pitch for FLORA. We think the results you’ll get are the best advertisement for our work 🙂

refund policy

There are no refunds on digital products. We put our all into our programs and we trust your careful yes.