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Lightning Sessions

Your 1:1 session of super-focused, super-effective coaching with Kelly Diels

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Lightning-fast, one-time, 45-min coaching sessions with Kelly Diels so you can:

  • Define a BUSINESS MODEL and MESSAGE that generates serious revenue without burning you out
  • Bake your principles into your practices
  • Ask me anything about business, culture-making and building out your meaningful body of work

Your 45-min LIGHTNING SESSION is NOT one size-fits-all.



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It’s more of a choose-your-own-adventure.

You decide.

You tell me the goal you want to accomplish, the obstacle you want to circumvent, the clients you want to attract, or the vision you want to articulate in your marketing —

and I show up researched and ready to help you craft a success strategy designed around you, your beliefs and commitments, your strengths and your vision.

Get ready to FLOURISH

45 minutes, $500 USD, 100% LIGHTNING


LIGHTNING SESSIONSmight be for you when:

  • you want to define your One True Marketing Message
  • you’re a multi-passionate  practitioner and you want to bring all your activities and skills together into one coherent vision and brand
  • you’re growing your audience and list-building
  • you’re writing a book or want to write a book
  • you want to pick my brain about marketing like a culture maker
  • you’re trying to get plain ol’ momentum

Or if you've read my work critiquing 'The Female Lifestyle Empowerment Brand', nodded in relief, and said,

NOPE, NO MORE, I'm not doing that,

There's got to be a better way...

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...then a Lightning Session

can help you figure out
your practical, do-able, MONEY-MAKING

next steps


Note: Building justice into your business practices does NOT mean you will earn less money.

The opposite can be true.

When I started doing business in a way that aligned with my culture-making beliefs, my income tripled in less than 18 months.

Why? Because I stopped feel embarrassed by my sales + marketing tactics. Instead, I felt energized by my new business practices...and so I promoted my business more often and more enthusiastically.

Spiritual integrity + personal alignment can be a revenue driver and a success tool. Let's use it.

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Here are the kinds of things you can choose to lean into in your

Lightning Session:

(in 45 minutes we can thoroughly dig into ONE of your biggest marketing questions, so this list is meant to help you draw the markers for the lane you want to travel)

  • Crafting your core marketing message – or, as I like to call it, your One True Marketing Message
  • Picking my brain — you’ve got a dilemma and you need another set of eyes on it; you want to figure out how to do something I did or my clients did; you want to sense-check something
  • Defining your vision and leading with it (your vision and ideals can beyour marketing)
  • Defining your offers, business model or pricing
  • Making all your disparate activities and talents make sense as a brand (this is especially useful for your momentum if you’re a multi-passionate creator trained in several different modalities)
  • Figuring how NOT to dilute your beliefs in your platform
  • Marketing without resorting to The Female Lifestyle Empowerment Brand
  • What your sales page should look like or feel like
  • Email marketing that’s gracious, smart and effective
  • Social media marketing that doesn’t shrink your soul or eat your time
  • List-building by leading with substance
  • Getting visible
  • Courage

Whatever you’ve got, whatever you need to know: yes. Let’s figure it out

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Let’s dig into your big, burning, culture-making

marketing questions

So you can get going and
rise, rise, rise

(because together we rise)


45 minutes, $500 USD, 100% LIGHTNING