Surface Your Methodology

Some people call this a 'framework' or 'model'
I call it your METHODOLOGY

but whatever we call it, everyone has a process

that they


It's composed of our lineage, our learnings, evidence, research, and all the things we've studied and integrated so deeply they become almost automatic.


That's the blessing and the curse of mastery.

When we're in our mastery, it's hard to explain what we do, because we just do it. Intuitively.


That's what surfacing your methodology is all about.


You have a process so let's bring it to the surface and name it

so you can explain it -- and SELL IT -- to other people.


Another way to think of this is as the Mary Poppins magic carpet bag.

Mary Poppins didn't only carry around one magic potion or trick; she carried EVERYTHING in that one bag.

Your methodology is like that, too. It's not composed of one learning, training or modality; you're drawing from all the things you know.

Surfacing your methodology means revealing those things.

Sometimes they’re automatic and in the moment so it’s hard to explain.

That’s why we’re engaging in this process: to make those hidden, automatic masteries visible and repeatable.

NOTE: Surfacing Your Methodology is ESPECIALLY valuable for people who are multi-passionate. It helps you see how all the distinct modalities you've studied can come together to form one Methodology -- yours.

Your Methodology is the Seed of ALL Your Intellectual Property.


Everything you develop can be built on your methodology

When you coach 1:1, you take people through this process.

When you teach a course, you take people through this process.

Different mediums, same process.

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 This isn't about inventing a methodology out of air.  Intuitively, every single one of us has a way we do things --and a reason for doing it that way. Your job is to surface your methodology, because it's already in you. Then we make your logic and the sinews connecting all your practices explicit, by naming out the pieces of it and creating a visual model for how it all fits together.

After You've Surfaced Your Methodology...

It becomes much easier to develop courses and programs.

It becomes much easier to explain the work you do to other people...without requiring a dissertation 🙂

You can even can map all of this into an infographic and talk about your process on social media, on your sales page, in webinars, and in your sales calls and it will generate sales.

Now clients know there is something substantial here. Because there is.

You're not winging it. You have a definitive process that produce the desired outcomes.

Surfacing Your Methodology is how you substantiate your work to yourself AND to your clients.


So, are you ready to

If you choose the LIVE version with group coaching, here are the dates:

8 Week Live Course with Group Coaching

$1500 USD or 4 Monthly Payments of $375
  • 6 Live Group Coaching Sessions so you can get feedback on your model from Kelly Diels
  • 3-hour Video Training on How to Surface Your Unique Method
  • Training Module on How to Turn Your Method into Your Signature Offer
  • Canva Template for Creating Your Model
  • Downloadable Slides
  • Downloadable Transcripts
  • Archive of Past Q+A Sessions to extend your understanding & witness more people working through their models

Self-Study Version

$750 USD or 2 Monthly Payments of $375
  • 3-hour Video Training on How to Surface Your Unique Method
  • Canva Template for Creating Your Model
  • Downloadable Slides
  • Downloadable Transcripts