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The Signature Course Collection

Get three of my core business trainings

at an unmissable price

You're here to build a flourishing business.

It's time to take your revenue through the roof...

....and sell without selling out your clients or principles.

These three courses can help you do that.

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Turn Your Beliefs into Your Business Practices

and make money you can feel GREAT about

No shame, blame, privilege or pain-points required

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The self-study version of my three core programs:

  • We Are The Culture Makers -- an essential mindset support for culture -making entrepreneurs. How to get out of self-doubt and into power and action
  • Copywriting for Culture Makers -- how to write words that sell, without selling out your client or your principles. A fresh set of high-consent money-making language models that do NOT use pain points or privilege
  • Social Media Culture Makers -- how to build your brand on social media while also contributing media that shifts our culture...without burning out

SIGNIFICANT Value for Dollars

All 3 courses add up to $6,000,

so when you buy them as a Collection you save $600...

There's also a 12-month payment plan available, with no interest or additional fees!

Pay In Full

$5,400 USD

12 Monthly Payments

$450 USD per month

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