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I believe this is one of the ways we turn the tide.

We use everything we’ve got — our voices, business practices, marketing strategies, platforms and even the copy we write — to grow our businesses, personally thrive AND create a future in which we all flourish.

Because we are culture makers and we are the future.

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When you are starting out, trying things and iterating is GOLD. Ad-hocking and getting in motion are how we figure out what the business is.

And then there comes a time when you’ve accumulated so many ad-hoc services and programs and clients that your results become random, too. 

That usually coincides with the moment you want to uplevel and breakthrough and stop working so hard for unpredictable results.

You don’t solve that problem by doing more or trying all the latest marketing trends.

You solve it by cleaning out the garage of all the business clutter and forensically designing a business model that delivers you exactly what you’re envisioning.

Clients that sign up right away rather than 7 months from now. Clients who do the work. Knowing precisely how to price and position yourself instead of wondering what to say in your content or fretting about social media being a time-suck.

Let’s pinpoint the precise sales activities that work for you —your bespoke sales engine — and make an actual business and marketing plan. One that works. By design, not happenstance.

This is the work I do in my high-proximity spaces and in the Bespoke mastermind I teach with the incomparable Danielle Cohen. DM me for details.
She did the thing.

Best month ever. Her revenue where she wanted it to be.

Nailing your method and your message has that effect⚡️ 

Let’s make this what you’ll be saying, too. SOON.

DM me if it’s time to get crystal-clear on YOUR method & message so you can be the next one making what you wanted and having your best month ever⚡️