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Use What You’ve Got to Change EVERYTHING

Your life. Your business.
Our world.

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I’m Kelly Diels

I’m a thinker, teacher and coach for culture makers.

My research & frameworks help you get out of shame and into power — so you can make the difference you’re dreaming of.

In your business, your life, and the lives of others.

I know that yes, we’re shaped by what we’re born into.

But nope, that’s not the end of the story.

Let’s Shape Back.

Because We Are The Culture Makers.

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I admit, I’m not Generation X or Y.

I’m Generation O, for Oprah.

Oprah says use your life and I take it to heart.

I believe in

  • Using your life to make a difference in other people lives.
  • Changing conditions (and conditioning) so everyone can flourish.
  • Growing your talents, your skills, your power and your influence so you can flourish, too — right now, not just in some hypothetical future.

In other words:
I believe in being a culture maker.

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ere’s the problem…

A lot of what we do and say — and even what we think — is predetermined by our conditioning and our material conditions.

In other words, the voice of culture is OFTEN working through us without our consent.

But culture isn’t just ‘out there’ or something that happens to us.

It happens through us.

If all of us disappeared tomorrow, so would our culture -- which means we are the vector.

And that reveals a huge opportunity: we get to choose how to deliberately use our culture-making power.

Instead of letting a toxic culture flow through us, we can learn how to interrupt it — and then use our skills & power to make a better one.

In our businesses, our lives and the world we live in, together.

#WeAreTheCultureMakers #UseYourLife

Let's Get the Skills We Need to Grow a Future in Which We All Flourish.

Starting Right Now.

Business Development for Culture Makers

Bake your principles into your business practices
So you can create a money-making, culture-shaping body of work

Self Development for Culture Makers

Dissolve Shame. Activate Power. Change EVERYTHING.
Including how you see yourself & the world


Optics, schmoptics.

This is about our PRACTICES


good money

Everything You Need to Know About Pricing to Flourish

For 1:1 Service Professionals

and People Who Sell Courses & Intellectual Property

Good Pricing Helps You Make GREAT Money

Let's Get it Right


We Are Growing The Institutions of the Future

Let’s skill up.

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At work.

On social media.

In our relationships.

We are all culture makers.

Let’s use everything we’ve got -- including our careers and businesses -- to make a better one.


Your method is the seed of ALL your intellectual property and the foundation of your entire business.
Learn how to write money-making copy without exploiting your clients.

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Launches can be the steady, life-giving heartbeat of your business, without being a nightmare.

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Every week, I send you a

Sunday Love Letter

I write them so that…

  1. You remember your culture-making power
  2. You have the inspiration + tools you need to grow a future in which we all flourish
Are you in?

Yesterday I wrote that you might not need a HUGE list to accomplish your revenue goal for 2024, and walked you through you a quick calculation for figuring out the actual list size you need.⁠
Today I want to follow up on that...⁠
What comes after the calculation? ⁠
Planning + Doubling Down.⁠
Now that you know the list number you need,(#putanumberonit), it's time to make a specific plan for achieving it. ⁠
That means devising a daily and quarterly plan of activities.⁠
🌺 What activities currently add people to your list? ⁠
1)	Make sure those activities include a call to action. (Eg put your newsletter link in your link tree, add hemlines to all your posts reminding people to sign up to your newsletter)⁠
2)	Double down on the ones that work for you. (Eg If Instagram works, post a specific “Hey! I have a newsletter!” post 1-3X a week and go Live in your Stories more; if blog posts work, publish more blog posts and add content upgrades to them; if live appearances work, host more in-person events, go on more podcasts and virtual events…)⁠
🌺 Put list-building events on your calendar every quarter⁠
Is there one event you could implement each quarter to add a couple hundred people (or couple thousand) to your list? (Eg challenges, free webinars, online summits…)⁠
Yes, List-building IS revenue building…⁠
and no, you might not need that big of a list to achieve your goal revenue. ⁠
And list-building doesn't happen by itself. ⁠
It's not about posting and hoping people sign up. It's about creating quarterly events and daily invitations so that people DO sign up.⁠
So...what's your plan?⁠
What are the daily invitations you're going to issue?⁠
What are the quarterly events you'll schedule?⁠
I'm Kelly Diels and I'm a business coach for culture-makers. Putting your business model & essential systems in place is one of the things you'll work on in BESPOKE, the 4-month intensive I teach with Danielle Cohen. link in bio @kelly.diels to learn more⁠
#listbuilding #LetsGetPractical #contentmarketing #emailmarketing⁠
I’ve written before that business can inadvertently be a spiritual/self-development journey.⁠⠀⁠
But it can be even MORE than that.⁠⠀⁠
For culture-makers and people with social justice commitments, growing a business can (inadvertently) be a LIBERATION practice.⠀⁠
Because you have to unlearn all the capitalist myths and norms that are in your bones; heal them; and build alternative, justice-centered business practices into your platform, practice & business model.⁠⠀⁠
When you have a business, for example, you have to set prices & ask for money -- and if you belong to a group that is NOT supposed to have access to financial resources (people with racialized identities and women and queer folks and people with disabilities, AND, AND, AND) -- that can be viscerally uncomfortable. ⁠
It can become a roadblock that you have to deal with in order to move forward in your business development.⁠⠀⁠
That means in the course of doing business, it is GUARANTEED that you’ll have to explicitly confront and DISSOLVE your internalized oppression around money. ⁠
Hello, Liberation. Meet your friend, Business Growth.⁠⠀⁠
Same with internalized sexism. In our culture, women are supposed to be decorative. We’re not supposed to advocate for our ideas or take up too much space. ⁠
But a successful online business REQUIRES visibility; thought leadership requires IDEAS. ⁠
So once again, in order to make their platforms and businesses work, women entrepreneurs have to confront & dissovle internalized gender oppression making them “play small”. ⁠
That’s why for some of us – culture makers, feminists, social justice advocates -- business CAN be a healing, liberation process.⁠⠀⁠
Hello, Liberation. Meet your friend, Business Growth. Let’s flourish, together.⁠⠀⁠
I’m Kelly Diels and I’m a business development consultant for culture-making entrepreneurs. ⁠
In partnership with Danielle Cohen, I lead an intimate 4-month #mastermind for coaches, leaders, healers, & culture-makers called BESPOKE that helps you build a thriving business that makes money AND meaning⁠
link in profile @kelly.diels to learn more
I always feel a bit weird about these 'last-call' posts.⁠⁠
Please know this isn't 'fake scarcity' or fake pressure to get you to sign up (I wholeheartedly OPPOSE those tactics). ⁠⁠
Instead, this is a real deadline: ⁠⁠
the first live group call for We Are The Culture Makers 2024 is TOMORROW (Jan 25)...⁠⁠
...so if you've been thinking you want to join, this is your loving reminder that today is the day :)⁠⁠
Here's what you get in We Are The Culture Makers 2024:⁠⁠
🔥 Learn my self-coaching tool for getting out of shame and into your power -- on the spot, wherever you are⁠⁠
🔥Monthly group-coaching calls⁠ -- drop in at either 9am PST or 4pm PST (or both!) on the 3rd Thursday of each month⁠
🔥3 video lessons each month on how to create new realities for yourself (and all of us!) around fraught issues like Power, Time, Money, Body, Likeability, Care, Work, Leadership and more⁠⁠
🔥Regular Co-Working Sessions⁠ so you have time set aside in your schedule to watch your course lessons or work on projects that truly matter to you⁠⁠
🔥Monthly Guided Meditation sessions to calm your central nervous system and bolster your spirit, taught by yoga breathing & meditation teacher Ntathu Allen⁠ (Find Ntathu at https://www.yogainspires.co.uk and @yogainspiresyou⁠)⁠⁠
All in all, it's a year of radical encouragement meant to help you⁠⁠
(1) unlearn the social conditioning keeping us in self-doubt ⁠⁠
(2) learn the power-building habits that can help you rise -- personally, and collectively.⁠⁠
In other words: this is about getting out of shame and into power.⁠⁠
If that sounds like a fit for you, I invite you to sign up with the link in bio @kelly.diels -- and thank you!⁠⁠
love + justice,⁠⁠