My Values + Feminist Business Practices

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My Values +


Business Practices

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that we are all culture makers and that we can use our culture making power deliberately, to create new realities for ourselves and our world.

Here are a few of the ways I try to do that in my own LIFE AND BUSINESS


Profit + Money

  • I offer payment plans and I don’t charge any extra fees or interest for accessing payment plans. I think it is unjust.
  • This is a business. I advertise. I market. You're going to see social posts and emails about my offers
  • I don't pause the business or my marketing when there are tragic world events or crises and I push back on the expectation that I should.

1) My team still needs to get paid and my family still needs to eat

2) It is revealing that so many people expect that of independent small businesses (especially of women entrepreneurs) but not of blue-chip companies who are vastly more capitalized.

  • I have a LOT of financial responsibilities — children, elders, extended family, team— so I need to earn a lot of money. I do this unapologetically.
  • If any of this upsets someone, I am not for them

How (and When) I Offer Critique

  • When I’m critiquing, I strive to name patterns, not people
  • Because my focus is on patterns, not people, I will not comment on online controversies nor will I participate in "public humiliation spectacles"* on social media.
  • I do not respond to attempts to discipline me if I'm quoting someone you disapprove of

* My thanks to Dr.Christine Marie for the language of "public humiliation spectacle" and "media misinformation/misrepresentation campaigns"

How I Respond to Tragedies, Wars & World Events

  • When there are mass tragedies, my first efforts are direct and relational, which means they're often publicly invisible. I strive to offer my time, support, care and resources behind the scenes the people in my spaces who are most impacted by events. Just because something isn't visible on social media doesn't mean it is not happening
  • When there is a crisis that is outside my zone of leadership & expertise -- which means I don't have useful analysis to contribute -- I deliberately get quiet so that I do not contribute noise that can obscure valuable signals from actual experts. In cases like this, my form of contribution is to signal-boost those experts rather than strive to overlay my voice or platform onto the situation (I'm not here to build clout off tragedy)
  • I strive to only comment on events where I have leadership to offer AND, importantly, 'skin in the game'. To me, skin in the game is RISK. Is there a risk to me for getting involved? That's when I SHOULD get involved. If not, there's a risk of posturing, performing, or virtue-signalling and generating noise that obscures the voices we actually need to hear from
  • I'm Canadian, so I usually don't have 'skin in the game' to comment on US politics. By that I mean there's no risk to me for comment and only reputational upside (clout). Armchair commentary on something where I have no analysis or risk, I get the reputational benefits of looking virtuous and righteous at no actual cost to me. And often, when Canadians comment on US culture/politics, we often end up acting smug and erasing our own failings from view. And, no. Once again, I'm not here to build clout off tragedies, signal the appearance of change or simulate change; I'm here to be effective in the places where I can actually be effective
  • I am not a newspaper. I do not have the expertise, resources, bandwidth, or team to publish regular updates and commentary on the ever-intensifying crises impacting our world and communities
  • I do not issue statements or position papers on international events or wars because (a) that is outside my zone of expertise & analysis and (b) because I am not an institution, Prime Minister, President or an elected government representative. I don't have the ability to directly intervene in world events -- but they do and it is literally their job to represent our will. That's the most effective place to direct our change-making energy: Let's call them. Email them. Write letters to them. They have a responsibility to legislate in our interests. Let's make sure they do that
  • I do NOT stop selling during social crises because bills don't stop coming. It is not reasonable to expect indie providers with the least access to capital to stop their livelihoods in times when we need them most
  • I specifically don't comment on mass shootings in the US because
    1. Again, I have no skin in the game
    2. Because I'm not a citizen, I have no ability to influence US legislators
    3. Research shows that the more media attention the massacre gets, the higher the likelihood that there will be a copycat shooting within 7 days. My silence is an attempt at harm-reduction

Solidarity, Self-Preservation,
and Culture-Making

  • I believe in signal-boosting and sharing the work of the people influencing me (Citation is a culture-making practice; I’ve even footnoted a sales page!). There is so much brilliance in our community and it’s a joy to be part of it
  • I do not to use mental/social triggers in high-risk sales situations
  • I do not engage in money-shaming as a marketing tactic (or any kind of tactic!)
  • If I cite or mention someone's work, it does not mean we know each other. It doesn't mean they even know I exist nor does it mean that they like me or approve of my work. Nor does it mean I endorse them unequivocally or that they endorse me. It means that there's a particular cultural thing that I'm trying to talk about and an idea or project of their's is relevant and I want to give credit where credit is due
  • If I quote an idea from someone you object to, I am not obliged to respond to attempts to discipline me or silence me. If your concern is that there's been a call-out of this person, or you are responding to generalized claims of harm and are worried that I don't know about it: I probably do. I may have access to different information than you have or have come to a different conclusion than you have. We need to be able to tolerate differences in perspective rather than aiming for homogeneity and purity (neither of which have ever been liberatory)
  • Please never  substitute my judgement for your own. We don't have to agree or even like each other to respect each other's work.
  • I do value good-faith critique and feedback from my co-travellers and will take the time to process it, learn from it, and integrate it (thank you!!!)
    • If we know each other, I welcome your critique, feedback and correction. Call me! Email me! Text me! (If we know each other, you have my deets)
    • If we don't know each other and you feel compelled to discipline me or sabotage  my work, that's weird. I reserve the right to treat that as the unwelcome behaviour of an intrusive stranger and take protective measures. Instead, if my work is not for you, I invite you to unfollow me
  • I won’t tolerate attempts to erase me or my work nor will I accept intellectually dishonest or personally malicious “arguments”. I believe in my body of work and I will protect it, and myself. That’s part of being a culture-maker.

Every week, I send you a

Sunday Love Letter

I write them so that…

  1. You remember your life-changing, culture-making power
  2. You have the inspiration + tools you need to bring something new to the world
Are you in?

When you are starting out, trying things and iterating is GOLD. Ad-hocking and getting in motion are how we figure out what the business is.

And then there comes a time when you’ve accumulated so many ad-hoc services and programs and clients that your results become random, too. 

That usually coincides with the moment you want to uplevel and breakthrough and stop working so hard for unpredictable results.

You don’t solve that problem by doing more or trying all the latest marketing trends.

You solve it by cleaning out the garage of all the business clutter and forensically designing a business model that delivers you exactly what you’re envisioning.

Clients that sign up right away rather than 7 months from now. Clients who do the work. Knowing precisely how to price and position yourself instead of wondering what to say in your content or fretting about social media being a time-suck.

Let’s pinpoint the precise sales activities that work for you —your bespoke sales engine — and make an actual business and marketing plan. One that works. By design, not happenstance.

This is the work I do in my high-proximity spaces and in the Bespoke mastermind I teach with the incomparable Danielle Cohen. DM me for details.
She did the thing.

Best month ever. Her revenue where she wanted it to be.

Nailing your method and your message has that effect⚡️ 

Let’s make this what you’ll be saying, too. SOON.

DM me if it’s time to get crystal-clear on YOUR method & message so you can be the next one making what you wanted and having your best month ever⚡️