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August vs The Bike

A Real-Life Fable About Rage and Getting Shit Done This story is from one of my Sunday Love Letters. If you’d like to get weekly missives like this in your inbox, I invite you to subscribe, here. The church on Young Street, one block from City Hall and kitty-corner to the Chinese restaurant that blew…

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Be The Imposter

I want to challenge the negative stigma surrounding the Impostor Complex and suggest that maybe it can actually become a professional asset. (No maybe about it.) Being an outsider or feeling unqualified can lead to fresh, innovative perspectives that stand out in any field. I propose that we embrace our inner imposter for what it is, a path to originality (and Power)!



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Is Baby Reindeer Fatphobic?

Is Baby Reindeer fatphobic? I’m unpacking the portrayal of fatness in Richard Gadd’s hit series ‘Baby Reindeer,’ addressing societal biases and the importance of nuanced storytelling that goes beyond stereotypes and tropes. I analyze whether or not fatness (and fatphobia) is used as a character device or an engine to propel the series; how camera angles do or do not contribute to fatphobia; and how these cinematic choices intersect with social norms and beliefs.

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What Baby Reindeer Taught Me About Art, Excellence and Culture Making

Baby Reindeer is an incredible Netflix Series, by Richard Gadd — unflinching, complicated, compelling. Using this work of art and Gadd’s creative approach as a lens, I walk you through the lessons that thought leaders, creators, entrepreneurs and artists can extract and apply to their own culture-making bodies of work and intellectual property.

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Meaningful Bodies of Work Require “Base Hits”

3 Surprising Key Activities for Thought Leaders that are NOT a Distraction From Your Work…including social media (SHOCKING, right?). In fact, social media & self promotion can be a lab for your thought work rather than a time-suck. Read more to find out how.

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Solidarity and the Perils of Sisterhood

This is a transcript of a teaching from We Are The Culture Makers I think we need to be careful using words like “community” and “sisterhood.” That kind of language and those kinds of concepts evoke really positive feelings that can create false expectations of kinship, similarity and safety — and that’s how people end…

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On Women and POWER

Let’s build more of it and use it wisely Nearly every woman I know who is focused on her creative work or career is in a mastermind. Nearly every person I know is actively trying to heal a cultural injury — diet culture, body image, asymmetrical relationships, self-doubt, perfectionism, scarcity, OPPRESSION — and that means…

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Actually, I’m a Huge Fan of Gatekeeping

This is an excerpt from my weekly email newsletter, The Sunday Love Letter. To get missives like this direct to your inbox, I invite you to sign up here. Back in 2016, when I started writing about The Female Lifestyle Empowerment Brand (I’m against it), a friend of mine who is a well-known DEI consultant…

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Just Because It’s Needed Doesn’t Mean You’re The One To Do It

Fun fact: when I was 21, I started a coffee shop in Cloverdale, BC, my home town. It was called Kellybeans. I started it because I’d grown disenchanted with university but was newly bewitched by fancy caffeine. Espresso, affogato, cappucino, oh my! I was obsessed. And home. And there was nowhere to go to get…

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Why Online Groups Might Not Be That Great For Us

I meant to write this 6 weeks ago but I was busy doing quicksand things that masquerade as chemically rewarding but in fact are the frenemy of personal momentum. This morning, for example, I got up early to finish this email but since I was up so unbelievably early, I thought I’d also take some of…

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Every week, I send you a

Sunday Love Letter

I write them so that…

  1. You remember your life-changing, culture-making power
  2. You have the inspiration + tools you need to bring something new to the world
Are you in?

Yes you’ve got to get your ideas out here, where they can be influential; but no, you don’t have to dilute them. In fact, it’s critical that you do NOT play to the center.

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The swirl of unfinished projects is toxic. It can stall you out.

Here’s one practical way to interrupt that cycle…

Share this quick lesson with someone whose ideas and work are ones we NEED in the world💡🌍⚡️⚡️
This is Darling.

Darling has a brilliant system for getting shit done.

It is me. 
I am her system.

I am her 
⚡️Personal Shopper
⚡️And on-demand personal Entertainment system


“When I have time”
is also a system…

…it’s just A TERRIBLE ONE.

If it matters to you, 
If you have NOT been making explicit time to do it —

(Hello writers, thought leaders and entrepreneurs: I’m talking to you)

— then please go now and schedule it on your calendar as a recurring appointment.

No one else can have that time. Ever.

It is your time to DO THAT THING
and that thing only.

That other people use
To externalize their ideas
And realize their dreams
***At the expense of your own***



So if it’s time for you to rock a new system
(One that works)
For getting your ideas out of your head
and into the world
faster and better than you ever imagined possible…
I can teach you my EXTERNALIZE system
In less than 90 minutes ($99)

Comment DARLING and I’ll send you the deets

And ssh don’t wake her up
New blog post and it is delicious.

I used my Externalize workflow and got it out of my head and into THREE forms of content, ridiculously fast.

And it is good. I read it to my son, August, and he LOVES it. HIGHEST PRAISE EVER.

Link in bio to check out Externalize. It’s a game changer.