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We Are The Culture Makers

What’s a Culture Maker? You don’t have to have a fancy title or an artsy career to be a culture-maker (but you can if you want to!). When you get brave and go first and...

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What is Female Lifestyle Empowerment Brand? ⁠(FLEB)⁠

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The Female Lifestyle Empowerment Brand. An introduction.


Automatically Track the Dollar Value of Your Pro Bono Work and Scholarships

Business Tip for Culture Makers #409: Track Your Culture-Making Metrics and Quantify the Value of Your Pro Bono Work A lot of our effort and work is invisible — sometimes,…

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“How Do I Price for Affordability?” and “How Do I Make My Prices More Accessible?” are The Wrong Questions

The only right answer to those questions is “lower your prices”, which can be a disaster for under-earning and start-up entrepreneurs — yet doesn’t necessarily create more economic justice. And…

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What To Do In Overwhelmingly Troubled Times

I’ve been sending this email every few months for several years, to rally people when we’re most despairing. The world should NOT be as it is, and we do have…

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Books I Read in 2020

My 2020 Reading List I read. A LOT. I also get asked a lot for book recommendations, so I decided to wrap up 2020 with a list of all of…

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How NOT to Get Swamped by It All

No one person can respond to all the need for change. But what each of us CAN do is sharpen our tools and show up to our spots on the wall. We create the most change when we leverage our talents and gifts.

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Business, Capitalism, and Money Guilt. A Cure.

Business and capitalism are not the same thing.

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Business Tip for Culture Makers #731: Fonts are a Social Impact Opportunity

We all use fonts in our businesses, so there’s an opportunity make a feminist font choice by selecting fonts created by under-represented typeface designers

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FLEB Marketing Tactic #10 Testimonials as Triggers

Client testimonials are not an honest indicator of real outcomes for most people, and you don’t need these unjust social triggers to hit your income goals.

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FLEB Marketing Tactic #9 Social Triggers = Social Conditions

Using social triggers as sales devices without evaluating potential impact = leveraging injustice to create profit.

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FLEB Marketing Tactic #8 Safe Status Quo Imagery

Using imagery that aligns with unjust social roles & expectations because they are easy to consume manufactures (fake) authority and reinforces privilege.

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