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DIY Your

Culture-Making Business

5 ESSENTIAL Business Training Tools To Get you Started

If you don't have a budget for business development this year, NO WORRIES.

DIY can take you a long way.

(I didn't have my first coach until 2017 -- YEARS after I started my business.)

To help you get on your scrappy, ingenious way, I put together a FREE DIY course for building your business through a culture making lens.

This collection of high-quality trainings and tools can help you get started building out your intellectual property and platform.

For scrappy & ingenious culture-makers ready to DIY their way to success

Hi, I’m Kelly Diels (She/Her). I’m a Business Coach for Culture Makers. For the last 5 years I’ve been raising awareness about how our standard biz + marketing practices are oppressive.

Instead of doing business as usual, I’ve developed a suite of culture-making business practices you can use to grow a business that’s good for you AND good for our culture.

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What's included in the

DIY Your Culture-Making Biz mini-course

KD - Marketing for Culture Makers

An overview of how online business USUALLY works...and how you can do it differently.

Build-a-Little-Sales-Machine (1)

A 3-step email sequence for selling 1:1 spots or small

Includes swipe copy so you can get started, right now.


Once you learn to spot the business tactics that produce oppression and manipulate clients, you can get REALLY creative and invent alternative practices -- ones that you're aligned with.

That's what this video-course aims to help you do: get you fluent in The Roots of Online Marketing, so it becomes really clear to you how you can do it differently.

Culture Makers Copywriting Tips

10 ways to up your copywriting game without shaming or blaming your client.


and yes...

Growing culture making businesses means we do it different. Radically differently – and better.

PS: This is about making money AND justice.

You deserve both. xo