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DIY Your

Culture-Making Business

5 ESSENTIAL Business Training Tools To Get you Started

If you don't have a budget for business development this year, NO WORRIES.

DIY can take you a long way.

(I didn't have my first coach until 2017 -- YEARS after I started my business.)

To help you get on your scrappy, ingenious way, I put together a FREE DIY course for building your business through a culture making lens.

This collection of high-quality trainings and tools can help you get started building out your intellectual property and platform.

For scrappy & ingenious culture-makers ready to DIY their way to success

Hi, I’m Kelly Diels (She/Her). I’m a Business Coach for Culture Makers. For the last 5 years I’ve been raising awareness about how our standard biz + marketing practices are oppressive.

Instead of doing business as usual, I’ve developed a suite of culture-making business practices you can use to grow a business that’s good for you AND good for our culture.

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What's included in the

DIY Your Culture-Making Biz mini-course

KD - Marketing for Culture Makers

An overview of how online business USUALLY works...and how you can do it differently.

Build-a-Little-Sales-Machine (1)

A 3-step email sequence for selling 1:1 spots or small

Includes swipe copy so you can get started, right now.

High-Consent-List-Building (1)

The money is in the list. Always.

Having a strong and growing list means you can always make money.

In this training, learn how to steadily build out your list, year-round, without over-riding consent or compromising your principles.

Culture Makers Copywriting Tips

10 ways to up your copywriting game without shaming or blaming your client.

Launch Like A Culture Maker

I want launches to be way less stressful and way more profitable, so here's a guide to putting together a generative launch infrastructure that you can use over and over again.


and yes...

Growing culture making businesses means we do it different. Radically differently – and better.

PS: This is about making money AND justice.

You deserve both. xo