FLORA 2023

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For Culture-Making Coaches, Leaders, Healers, Artists & Entrepreneurs

Ready to Make Money AND Justice



$20,000 USD

Next Intake: Fall 2023

An extended payment plan is available for early registration


Yes, you can grow a flourishing business without compromising your anti-oppressive beliefs.

In fact, you can bake culture-making practices into your business…
…so that you make GOOD money while also creating equity, inclusion, and social change.

This is about money AND justice.

In Flora, we work together closely over the course of six months to build you a strong foundation for a business that is your countercultural leverage & legacy.

When I say legacy, I’m talking about everything that matters to us as socially-conscious entrepreneurs.

Healing. Paving the way for the next generation. Refusing to exploit each other for a profit. Shifting our culture towards love and justice.

And yes, building collective power and generational wealth.
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Building a Culture-Making Business is never an overnight makeover story.

It’s never a formulaic recipe.

There is no hack for developing deep intellectual property and culture-making business infrastructures.

Instead, there is thought partnering; business modeling; pricing rationales; justice-informed business practices; personal expansion; and signature programs.

And that's what you'll do and create in Flora.

Flora is here to help you
build a substantial body of work
and flourishing business infrastructure
so you can make money AND justice...
without burning you out.
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  • Running a Culture Making Business is not an act of financial martyrdom
  • You should not have to overwork and under-earn in the name of justice
  • You should not have to suffer to be affordable or accessible (and no one should require that of you!)
  • You should not have to retire on an empty bank account
  • You should not have to survive life’s traumas without ample resources


We want you to have the significant resources to fund your culture-making work, take care of your community, and show up for justice without burning out.

And we don’t want you to have to do it alone.

Your body of work

-- aka your intellectual property --

can be a never-ending source of culture-making and financial power.

Let’s build it together.

Legitimate, earned authority is key to creating a successful service-based business.


Your cashflow doesn’t have to depend on constantly performing, relentlessly expanding, or squeezing our creativity and flow into military-grade calendars (unless that's your jam!).

Instead of complying with an inhumane status quo, we want you to develop a proprietary body of work so you can show up in your marketing with blazing clarity and prolific ease.

We want you to have a streamlined business model that doesn’t add up to operating at a loss of resources

— material or spiritual.


We want you to have a life where no part of you is swallowed. And we imagine you growing emboldened in this group of brave culture-makers...

  • Emboldened to speak the truth.
  • Emboldened to ask for what you want.
  • Emboldened to create a world where the politics of domination are no longer possible. 


Grow a Business that Makes Money & Justice

Jan 11 - June 21, 2023

Whether you’re new to online business or already have a platform bubbling, our goal in Flora is to develop the intellectual foundation, inner skills and forensic business strategy for your long-term revenue stability and culture-making work.

In Flora, you’re getting a customized business development curriculum (18 live mastermind meetings); the entire vault of Kelly Diels programs, weekly group masterminds, and high-touch 1:1 coaching sessions with two seasoned mentors.



You’ll define your client, your niche, your methodology, your signature offer, and build out your platform and first launch.

In other words: you’ll create the foundation for your flourishing and develop selling & marketing processes you can repeat over and over to make good money.

We're excited for all the light-bulb moments and mini-wins along the way.

This mastermind group is here to help with the intellectual and emotional heavy lifting.

- Because together, we rise.

Meet your culture-making 
business dream team

Confidence is not a prerequisite.
It’s a capacity we cultivate in community and action.

I'm Kelly Diels [She/Her]

I’m Kelly Diels. I'm a business development coach for culture makers. I help socially responsible entrepreneurs make money AND justice.

My work is inclusive and about dismantling ALL forms of oppression -- and then, just as importantly, building the new structures to facilitate our collective flourishing.

My work has been featured in Jezebel, Salon, Alternet and cited in several culture-making books.

I’ve coached 1,000+ entrepreneurs including established leaders and authors whose names you already know AND the brilliant up-and-comers whose names you will soon know.

I specialize in the moment you decide to chuck the oppressive rules that were never meant to help you flourish, and decide to do it YOUR way.

Across the last decade, I've developed a suite of culture-making business practices and platform-building models that can help you build a business that makes money AND justice.

Hi, I'm Kelly

Here's what I know for sure:

[to borrow from Oprah :)]

None of us was born into a culture of justice. I know from direct experience -- and from building out my own social analysis -- that when it comes to making money and building power online, the status quo methods are no damn good for us or our clients.

Mainstream marketing wisdom, for example, trains entrepreneurs to manufacture authority by leveraging beauty and privilege — aka the faux authority of The Female Lifestyle Empowerment Brand -- and activate scarcity and shame to get our clients to buy.

If you've never been able to get traction with those methods, please know it wasn't you bumping up against upper limits or getting in your own way. You don't have a marketing defect. You have a finely honed sense of justice.

Which is GREAT. Your principles can be the single greatest marketing asset you have.

You can lead with your WORK. You can lead with vision and values, not shame and blame. You can get rid of all the manipulative add-ons and double-down on infrastructure.

In my experience in my own business and the businesses of my clients, it usually takes 3 years to get to reliable, grind-free revenue stability.

--->And in working with hundreds of clients, I’ve found it’s the first year’s intensive intellectual work (which many marketing trainings skip) that sets us up to flourish without burnout.<---

And that's what you'll develop in Flora.

This year, it's my great joy to be holding Flora in partnership with Danielle Cohen -- a seasoned visibility expert who coached me in building out my own visibility -- so that we can nurture your powerful ideas in community with a peer-group of accomplished, inspiring feminist business founders.

Important to note:

Flora was my great-grandmother's name. "Flor" means to flower, bloom, prosper; it's the root of both the name Flora and the word flourish.

And that's what we're here to do:grow a future in which we all flourish

Hi, I'm Danielle

I’m Danielle Cohen.[She/Her]

I'm a visibility coach and I help pro-social humans with big dreams birth and sustain their most important work.

Being seen is an absolutely necessary part of bringing your dreams to life and visibility is both risky AND powerful.

I coached Kelly in building out her own visibility and I've worked with some of the brightest lights in industries ranging from business to coaching to Hollywood.

In my work, I help you develop the skills you need so you can take the risks you want to take, gain the power you want to have, and have the capacity to take up your full and rightful space in the world.

My work is trauma informed, and shaped by equitable leadership practices, attachment healing, co-active coaching skills, birth work, and somatic care.

The people who work with me get seen -- and thrive while doing it.

Here’s what you can expect to work through

In our 6 months together:

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Your Culture-Making Business Model

A culture-making business model is humane. You will develop a business model in which you are working sustainable hours, never scrambling, nor exploiting anyone, to grow your cashflow.

Working together in our 18 Mastermind group calls, we begin the process by locating your values, your client, your methodology, your business model, your pricing & economic justice formula...and your dreams for yourself and the world.

Flora 2022 - Substantiate


Your Body of Work

We know that you already have some nascent intellectual property within you. It’s just that it’s often minimized by cultures that are hostile to women’s* power.

* I define women as people who experience misogyny.

In Flora, we are explicitly confronting – and dissolving – our socialization to sit down and be quiet, to ask for less than we need, and to downplay our own experience, perspective and monetizable skills.

Our process surfaces your subconscious way of doing what you do best. We help you build out big, inviting language and compelling imagery that makes your intellectual contribution immediately visible. We create content that gets your clients excited by identifying what matters most to them -- no pain or shame required.

Once you have an explicit framework for getting results for your clients, talking about your work and selling it becomes a lot easier.

Flora 2022 - Generate


What You Need to Flourish

At this stage, we identify and implement streamlined marketing to bring in revenue. We’ll show you how to riff on and evolve your own body of work so you don’t accidentally revert back to being a productivity machine.

Instead, we’ll find a creative ebb and flow that gets you into flow so that you're publishing consistently but not constantly creating.

Most marketing trainings skip straight to the “Generate” part of platform building and teach you hacks for generating volumes of content quickly.

But without first pausing to build out your intellectual property -- which is what we did in the SUBSTANTIATE phase of Flora -- it can be really tough to produce content. It's hard to talk about your work when you haven't built out the logic, process, or language for your work.

When your strategy is based on your own original, heartfelt body of work, generating content -- and revenue! -- comes more naturally. That’s where you can sell without doing any “convincing.”

Copy, funnels, launches and sales calls — it’s all the easy part. It’s all repeatable systems and routine. You build it once and repeat.

PLUS you’re getting the entire vault of Kelly Diels marketing courses (you had no idea there were so many) so you can access what you need, when you need it.

And your two seasoned mentors -- Danielle Cohen and Kelly Diels -- wil be there every step of the the way, pointing you towards exactly what you need to flourish.


Let’s review everything you’re getting in Flora, shall we?


Next Intake: Fall 2023


Foundational Business Trainings

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Call Schedule

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Early Bird Extended Payment Plans


Spread your payments across 10 or 12 months instead of six

*A bonus for early registrations*

SIGN UP IN OCTOBER: 12 month payment plan $1,583.33 per mo + $1,000 application fee

SIGN UP NOV EMBER to DECEMBER 15: 10 month payment plan $1,900 per mo + $1,000 application fee

SIGN UP AFTER DECEMBER 15: 6 month payment plan $3,166.67 per mo + $1,000 application fee


Get started by paying your non-refundable application fee (we're looking for members who are unequivocably committed because that's a predictor of your success in Flora).

After you pay the app fee, your first monthly payment will be due 30 days later.

If an application is not approved, we'll refund the fee within 48 hours.

Mastermind Meetings
3 weeks per month


When you’re not alone, you grow bolder and bolder. Emerge from this small group of culture-makers with a stronger voice, a deeper anti-oppression analysis, and a brilliant body of work that has been masterminded by a league of thoughtful culture-making peers & mentors.

Drop in for weekly hour-long meetings to hone your ideas, support one another, and receive guidance to move you forward.


Drop-in Office Hours

(We meet Weeks 1-3 every month.
Week 4 is an Integration Week, with no meetings)

Never flounder, spin out, or get stuck again.

There’s a meeting nearly every day of the week that you can drop into when you’re needing support, have a question, want to run something by us, or just want to settle your nervous system.

Monday – Social Media for Culture Makers Office Hours (twice a month when in session)
Tuesday –  Copywriting for Culture Makers Office Hours at 9am and 4pm PST
Wednesday – Flora Mastermind Meetings at 9am PST
Thursday – We Are The Culture Makers Office Hours 9am and 4pm PST
Friday - Live, Guided Meditations with Ntathu Allen at 1pm PST
Saturday – Co-working/Body-Doubling Sessions at noon PST

1:1 Coaching

One of the special things about Flora that’s unlike other masterminds at this level is that you also get 1:1 coaching sessions.

You get:

  • Three 1:1 coaching business development sessions with Kelly Diels
  • Three 1:1 coaching emotional/somatic coaching and strategy sessions with Danielle Cohen
  • 10 min as-needed check-ins with Kelly Diels

Integration Weeks

With a few exceptions, there are no meetings in the fourth week of every month so that you have time to implement and integrate (or rest!)


Guided Meditations with Ntathu Allen

You can't pour from an empty cup, which is why we offer these meditation sessions every week. To fill you back up.

Ntathu specializes in restorative breath work and meditation and helps culture makers and leaders tend their nervous systems and their spirits...

...so you can keep personally flourishing while contributing your gifts to our world.


My Entire Vault of Culture-Making Business and Self-Development Programs


If there’s something you need to do in your business, I probably have a course on it.

Social media, email sequences, websites, whatever you’re working on, with Flora you’ll have access to all of my tools and templates at once.

The goal, here, is to make sure you’ve got what you need, when you need it. I don’t want you to have to wait until month 6 to get a module or resource that you needed in month 3.

And if that sounds overwhelming, remember that I’m working with you, personally, to customize your business development path. With zero busy work, ever.

An Online Group


I have a feeling I’m not the only one who cringes at the thought of logging on to Facebook. It’s a delight, then, to host the Flora group on the woman-founded platform, Mighty Networks. It’s a better user experience in every way, and another place for us to forge alliances, swap resources, encourage each other and gather feedback on our work.

Your business can emerge from next year more powerful and profitable.

Your business can make money AND justice.


We start Fall 2023


Ready to Join Flora?

Here's how the registration process works:

  1. Pay the application fee.
  2. Fill out your application (takes about 30 mins). If your application is not a fit, we'll let you know within 48 hours and refund your payment.
  3. Once you're accepted, we'll send you a contract  via DocuSign
  4. Your first monthly payment will be due 30 days after your application fee.
  5. You'll get your logins and passwords via email and you'll get added to the online group right away.
  6. You can pre-book your coaching calls now.
  7. Meetings and coaching sessions will start in Fall 2023
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Want to have a convo
about whether Flora is right for you?

Book a call and let's think it through, together.

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Flora Officially Begins
Fall 2023


Pay In Full

$20,000 USD
  • Due today: $1,000 application fee
  • Remainder payable upon application approval
Until Dec 15

10 Monthly Payments + $1,000 application Fee

$1,900.00 USD per month
  • Due today: $1,000 application fee
  • Your first monthly payment will be processed 30 days after application approval

Early bird bonus:


Spread your payments across 1o or 12 months instead of six

*A bonus for early registrations*

UNTIL DEC 15: 10 month payment plan $1,900 per mo + $1,000 application fee

AFTER DEC 15: 6 month payment plan $3,166.67 per mo + $1,000 application fee


Get started by paying your non-refundable* application fee.

After you pay the app fee, your first monthly payment will be due 30 days later.

* The application fee is paid up-front and non-refundable because we know from experience that being unequivocably committed is a predictor of your success in Flora. That being said, if an application is not approved, we'll promptly refund the fee within 48 hours.


Meet the rest of the Flora team

KD - FCC - New Bonus Icons_Meet The Team - NTathu-min

Ntathu Allen, Meditation Teacher

KD - FCC - New Bonus Icons_Meet The Team - Trevia-min

Trevia Woods, Community Manager


For Culture-Making Coaches, Leaders, Healers, Artists & Entrepreneurs

Ready to Make Money AND Justice

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Pay In Full

$20,000 USD
  • Due Today: $1,000 Application Fee
  • Remainder payable upon application approval
Until Dec 15

10 Monthly Payments
+ $1,000 Application fee

$1,900.00 USD per month
  • Due Today: $1,000 Application Fee
  • Your first monthly payment will process 30 days after application approval

Sign up by Dec 15 for a 10 month extended payment plan

$1,900 a month for 10 months (plus $1,000 application fee)

After Dec 15, it goes to a 6 month plan at $3,166.67 a month (plus $1,000 application fee)

If an application is not approved, we will refund the application fee within 48 hours.

refund policy

Flora is a very small container. If you commit to Flora,
you're committing to the entire duration of the program.

To preserve the integrity of the peer relationships that get cultivated in the Mastermind, and because there are specific trainings that stack upon each other, we cannot accept new members after intake closes.

That means that if someone drops out part way through, we cannot fill their spot. Because the container is so small, there’s no margin for cancellations or drop-outs and so we cannot offer refunds. If you choose to stop participating before the end date, your payments are still due in full.

The Flora application fee is non-refundable because we know from experience that being unequivocably committed is a predictor of your success in Flora.  We only want you to apply if you are sure about working with us in this container. That being said, if your application is not approved, we'll promptly refund the fee within 48 hours.

Flora is a significant commitment of time, money and energy. It’s a serious investment in your business, and one that can generate a big return across years.

We appreciate your careful yes -- and we trust it.