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trying to rest my work on a well-lived life

On Work and Breaks and the Natural Rhythms of a Well-Lived Life

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Written by Kelly Diels

After leading a class in Feminist Marketing this morning, I took a break with my littlest.

Admittedly: this rhythm of work and breaks is not my usual practice. Left to my own devices, my cultural conditioning over-rides everything and I’ll work until I can’t anymore.

But, as Adrienne Maree Brown, the author of Emergent Strategy (aff link), teaches us in her work on pleasure activism, to imagine into that new world we’re dreaming of — justice! — we need to ground our work in a well-lived life.

So I’m trying to notice my own rhythms and the rhythms of our natural world, too.

We haven’t lived in this house or this community very long — just a few months — so I don’t know what surprises will emerge from the soil this spring and summer.

So my little guy and I were doing our investigations. Call us plant detectives.

Under the decaying leaves and winter debris, we found planting tags for primulas, primroses, dahlias.
I’m going to google the first two because I have no idea.

I’m no gardener (but I want to be) so this season of possibilities and learning is calling me.

The garden is in a bad state, but I did discover evidence that this little house was once loved.

Also: walnuts!!! The tree is a walnut tree. Joy. **Dessert**

Originally published on Instagram. I’m @kelly.diels over there if you’d like to join me.


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