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the perfect woman, violence against women

“The Perfect Woman” is a form of Violence Against Women

By Kelly Diels / October 13, 2016 /

When we encourage or teach other women (or ourselves) to be The Perfect Woman, we are doing harm. The Perfect Woman is a form of violence against women.

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On the ‘Mental Triggers’ of Online Marketing, The Female Lifestyle Empowerment Brand, Assessing Who Deserves Your Money, and Why We Should Be Skeptical of Makeover Stories

By Kelly Diels / May 18, 2016 /

Want to know if someone is trying, by design, to construct an authoritarian dynamic to “mentally trigger” you to buy from them? Look for makeover stories.

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Women, Work, Creativity, Leisure and Time. Because Time is a Feminist Issue.

By Kelly Diels / December 28, 2015 /

It isn’t that women are refusing to do leisure right. It’s that we’re part of a system that requires our labour to make the leisure of others possible.

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