for when your contribution or leadership isn’t being acknowledged…

By Kelly Diels / March 9, 2020 /

“Leaders Eat Last” as a leadership concept is novel to Simon Sinek but it is the ordinary, unsung leadership habit of most mothers and community-builders

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What if…Trashing is about Redistributing Power in our Community?

By Kelly Diels / March 9, 2020 /

Trashing is a power struggle triggered by “status dissatisfaction”. There’s a gap between someone’s capabilities and the attention they’re {not} getting

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How To Get Free

By Kelly Diels / September 1, 2019 /

Getting free and healing is never one-and-done. Especially when the source of injury in an oppressive culture that wants you to disappear — remains.

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The Female Lifestyle Empowerment Brand, Mental Triggers, and Weaponized Imperfection

By Kelly Diels / August 11, 2019 /

How privilege gets displayed AND LEVERAGED in our social media feeds — in pictures of our hair, kids, counter-tops, vacations, dinners and everyday life.

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For Me, Copywriting Equals Livelihood and Power (And I Trust You With Power and Resources)

By Kelly Diels / August 5, 2019 /

Writing is a form of power. It gives us the ability to create new norms & realities. Copywriting, in particular, can change the trajectory of your business.

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What changes people?

By Kelly Diels / June 30, 2019 /

Let’s change the norms and the culture around us. That, across time, will change many of the people who were otherwise resistant.

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Business Tips for Culture Makers #624: CAUTION: how your principles and beliefs get leveraged and EXPLOITED to grow the platforms of our opponents

By Kelly Diels / June 24, 2019 /

Our attention, efforts and social media comments can and do boost people into the mainstream, so we must avoid boosting the platforms of our opponents.

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Who’s running our social media accounts? Us, or our social conditioning?

By Kelly Diels / June 9, 2019 /

Our social media is a huge opportunity. We are culture makers and can use our social media power DELIBERATELY to create a future in which we all flourish.

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More Business Tips for Culture Makers: Signal Boost. Refer. Mentor

By Kelly Diels / June 2, 2019 /

Using your resources and reputation to lift people starting out is a culture making tool. When we use culture-making business practices, everyone can flourish.

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Business Tip for Culture Makers #1220: A Culture Making Approach to Stock Photos

By Kelly Diels / May 31, 2019 /

Images are an essential business resource and they have culture-making power. For a long time, I knew that but I didn’t know how to herd that set of kittens. So I avoided images altogether. I knew what I didn’t want to do — perpetuate the mandatory pretty that’s a form of internalized misogyny AND perpetuate…

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