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Business Tip for Culture Makers #731

Fonts are an Equity Issue

Blog post + two lists of fonts by under-represented makers. Read more here

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Business Tip for Culture Makers #626: Reconsider Your Payment Plans because Charging Extra for Payment Plans Can Be Exploitative

I'm looking around at our empowerment spaces at the payment plans being offered and I'm seeing some arguably predatory practices. Here's what to do instead.

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Sunday Love Letter

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Are you in?

I repeat:⁠
Self-promotion is NOT a distraction from your Body of Work - it’s a lab for your thought leadership!⁠
People often think social media is frivolous. A time-suck.⁠
Or that marketing, networking & self-promotion take your time away from the *real* work.⁠
But in my latest blog post, I’m sharing with you 3 surprising key activities that will add up to a SIGNIFICANT and MEANINGFUL Body of Work.⁠
Check it out here:⁠
My Blog link can also be found in my bio @kelly.diels ⁠
I'm Kelly Diels, an expert on Culture Making, Thought Leadership and IP. I teach culture-making entrepreneurs & creators how to develop a substantial body of work that changes EVERYTHING – your life, your industry, our world.⠀⁠
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Dear Fat Girl*,⁠
Go ahead and get the photos.⁠
Treat yourself like a work of art.⁠
🌺Because you are.🌺⁠
love + justice,⁠
*and anyone whom our dominator culture has silenced, shamed, excluded, punished and discriminated against. We belong here, too. xoxo⁠
⁠PS if you're ready to be unapologetic about what you want and what you need from your business, I encourage you to check out BESPOKE. link in bio @kelly.diels⁠
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photos by @daniellecohenphotography⁠
Yes, we can learn so much from the examples of people who’ve done innovative, enduring, culture-changing work...


The examples of iconic culture makers can also be object lessons in what NOT to do in our work and world we’re co-creating.

Don’t let the optics (esp of righteousness) do the thinking for us. 

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