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Use What You’ve Got to Change EVERYTHING

Your life. Your business.
Our world.

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I’m Kelly Diels

I’m a thinker, teacher and coach for culture makers.

My research & frameworks help you get out of shame and into power — so you can make the difference you’re dreaming of.

In your own life, and the lives of others.

I know that yes, we’re shaped by what we’re born into.

But nope, that’s not the end of the story.

Let’s Shape Back.

Because We Are The Culture Makers.

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I admit, I’m not Generation X or Y.

I’m Generation O, for Oprah.

Oprah says use your life and I take it to heart.

I believe in

  • Using your life to make a difference in other people lives.
  • Changing systems so everyone can flourish.
  • Growing your talents, your skills, your power and your influence so you can flourish, too — right now, not just in some hypothetical future.

In other words:
I believe in being a culture maker.

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ere’s the problem…

A lot of what we do and say — and even what we think — is predetermined by our conditioning and our material conditions.

In other words, the voice of culture is OFTEN working through us without our consent.

But culture isn’t just ‘out there’ or something that happens to us.

It happens through us.

If all of us disappeared tomorrow, so would our culture -- which means we are the vector.

And that reveals a huge opportunity: we get to choose how to deliberately use our culture-making power.

Instead of letting an unjust culture flow through us, we can learn how to interrupt it — and then use our skills & power to make a better one.

Personally, and collectively.

#WeAreTheCultureMakers #UseYourLife

Let's Get the Skills We Need to Grow a Future in Which We All Flourish.

Starting Right Now.

Business Development for Culture Makers

Bake your principles into your business practices
So you can create a money-making, culture-shaping body of work

Self Development for Culture Makers

Dissolve Shame. Activate Power. Change EVERYTHING.
Including how you see yourself & the world


Optics, schmoptics.

This is about our PRACTICES


good money

Everything You Need to Know About Pricing to Flourish

For 1:1 Service Professionals

and People Who Sell Courses & Intellectual Property

Good Pricing Helps You Make GREAT Money

Let's Get it Right


We Are Growing The Institutions of the Future

Let’s skill up.

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At work.

On social media.

In our relationships.

We are all culture makers.

Let’s use everything we’ve got -- including our careers and businesses -- to make a better one.


Your method is the seed of ALL your intellectual property and the foundation of your entire business.
Learn how to write money-making copy without exploiting your clients.

Learn more

Launches can be the steady, life-giving heartbeat of your business, without being a nightmare.

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Every week, I send you a

Sunday Love Letter

I write them so that…

  1. You remember your culture-making power
  2. You have the inspiration + tools you need to grow a future in which we all flourish
Are you in?

Do not listen to the mean voices in your head: YOU ARE NOT A FLAKE.⁠
And I doubt that we have 'shiny object syndrome'. ⁠
IMHO, Multipassionate Makers study all.the.things because we are gathering the full range of tools and modalities needed to solve a complex social problem.⁠
🌺What you are NOT doing: being flaky or distractible or indulging in 'shiny object syndrome'. ⁠
🌺What you ARE doing: making a whole new thing. You've been synthesizing across traditions and intuitively developing a nuanced, sensitive  methodology designed to produce a particular transformation.⁠
That thing you've been making, intuitively: it's real. ⁠
There's a process and a framework there.⁠
Our challenge is to raise your internal, intuitive process to the level of consciousness, so you can turn it into a FORMAL, repeatable process that you teach other people.⁠
We need to get it out of your muscle-memory and into a teachable, shareable system.⁠
I call this process *Surfacing Your Methodology*. ⁠
To surface your methodology, we need to go in, determine the core set of skills you're teaching across all your modalities, and what the central outcome is. We need to explicitly map it out.⁠
And then we need to name this wondrous thing you've created.⁠
Once you name your methodology, you can see how everything you've trained in has led up to this, and prepared you for this work. ⁠
It then gets a lot easier to explain it to other people, and a lot more obvious why they might want to buy it :)⁠
Mapping out and naming your methodology makes your work REAL. ⁠
(To you and to other people.)⁠
It also makes it TEACHABLE.⁠
And that's the point of all your seeking and learning and dreaming and doing, across time.⁠
Because, dear Multipassionate Maker, you're NOT spinning your wheels. You're growing the solutions and institutions of the future.⁠
If you'd like some help Surfacing Your Methodology, I have a 3-hour training that can help you do that. ⁠
Link in bio @kelly.diels⁠
or https://www.kellydiels.com/surface-your-methodology/⁠
#multipassionate #multipotentialite #creativebusiness #consciousbusiness #coaching #intellectualproperty #shinyobjectsyndrome⁠
There have been whispers. ⁠
(I was the one doing the whispering.)⁠
And now it’s finally here. The new Good Money Alchemy:⁠
A 4-month group coaching intensive for you to create a revenue breakthrough in your business without exploiting anyone — including you. ⁠
After running the original self-study Good Money course twice this year, Danielle Cohen and I saw people getting incredible results.⁠
Particularly those who showed up to the Bonus session Q+As and got laser-coaching from me and Danielle Cohen. ⁠
We were over the moon (but not surprised) to hear folks say:⁠
“I raised my prices and the package is selling.”⁠
“I’m not overworking and the money is increasing!” ⁠
“I no longer feel pulled in 1000 directions.” ⁠
“My calendar is more on purpose, I know where to spend my time and effort.” ⁠
“I’m not getting stuck, looping, or spiraling… I’m able to mobilize and move the needle forward!”⁠
“I’m not overbooked and I’m making enough money.” ⁠
“I have become my own source of truth. I no longer get knocked around by the trends or messages that tell me what my pricing and business should be doing.” ⁠
----> “I know what to do and when to do it.” <------⁠
But while we know the material in this course makes a big difference…⁠
We also know that consistent, ongoing support is key. ⁠
That’s why we turned Good Money into a 4-month group-coaching program we now call Good Money Alchemy. ⁠
If you’ve ever  wanted to have Danielle and Kelly as your business coach, this is the program for you. ⁠
I invite you to check out all that we’ve poured into the new and improved experience -- you'll get A LOT of time with us, so you can get **results**.⁠
Pricing. Offers. Positioning. Through the lens of profits AND principles, from two seasoned, successful mentors.⁠
Let's put the foundations for your good money breakthrough in place.⁠
Your first group-coaching session is Nov 8. ⁠
I invite you to click the link in bio to learn more!⁠