Liking Someone Can Be Terrible Information

By Kelly Diels / May 30, 2016 /

When someone is trying to get us to like them and they have a commercial interest vested in us liking them, you need more information before proceeding.

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on the abuse of reciprocity and women

By Kelly Diels / May 21, 2016 / Comments Off on on the abuse of reciprocity and women

When it comes to reciprocity, a justice lever, some of us activate the need to reciprocate in order to disproportionately advantage ourselves over others.

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On the ‘Mental Triggers’ of Online Marketing, The Female Lifestyle Empowerment Brand, Assessing Who Deserves Your Money, and Why We Should Be Skeptical of Makeover Stories

By Kelly Diels / May 18, 2016 /

Want to know if someone is trying, by design, to construct an authoritarian dynamic to “mentally trigger” you to buy from them? Look for makeover stories.

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Five Egregious Internet Marketing No-Nos

By Kelly Diels / March 7, 2016 /

Refuse to perpetuate or replicate in your marketing + sales funnels the authoritarian, predatory and abusive dynamics you want to disrupt in the world.

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