Is Baby Reindeer Fatphobic?

By Kelly Diels / May 10, 2024 /

Is Baby Reindeer fatphobic? I’m unpacking the portrayal of fatness in Richard Gadd’s hit series ‘Baby Reindeer,’ addressing societal biases and the importance of nuanced storytelling that goes beyond stereotypes and tropes. I analyze whether or not fatness (and fatphobia) is used as a character device or an engine to propel the series; how camera angles do or do not contribute to fatphobia; and how these cinematic choices intersect with social norms and beliefs.

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We Are The Culture Makers

By Kelly Diels / February 9, 2018 / Comments Off on We Are The Culture Makers

What’s a Culture Maker? You don’t have to have a fancy title or an artsy career to be a culture-maker. You have that power. We all do.

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