We Are The Culture Makers

How NOT to Get Swamped by It All

By Kelly Diels / September 27, 2020 /

No one person can respond to all the need for change. But what each of us CAN do is sharpen our tools and show up to our spots on the wall. We create the most change when we leverage our talents and gifts.

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More Business Tips for Culture Makers: Signal Boost. Refer. Mentor

By Kelly Diels / June 2, 2019 /

Using your resources and reputation to lift people starting out is a culture making tool. When we use culture-making business practices, everyone can flourish.

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Culture making = tiny acts of doing-it-differently

By Kelly Diels / January 13, 2019 /

OPPORTUNITY: Instead of letting an unjust culture flow through our mouths and our lives, we can interrupt it — and we can make a new one.

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