Dear Culture Maker: Do you want power?

By Kelly Diels / October 6, 2019 /

Power can be generative and beneficial for everyone involved, rather than destructive and coercive. Here’s how to grow and steward your right use of power.

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nope, ‘Queen’ is not a feminist business model

By Kelly Diels / September 23, 2019 /

We need to aspire to be feminist entrepreneurs and leaders and CULTURE MAKERS who take care of each other rather than exploit and prey on each other.

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On Culture Breaking and Culture Making. For when you’re frustrated with other change-makers.

By Kelly Diels / August 18, 2019 /

Culture change needs many things, we don’t need to be frustrated with someone for not doing the thing we think is important. WE can do that one thing.

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teeth. time. zooming out. POWER.

By Kelly Diels / August 18, 2019 /

We internalize messages about individual defects but when we zoom out and look at the bigger picture of social structures, we see things differently.

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The Female Lifestyle Empowerment Brand, Mental Triggers, and Weaponized Imperfection

By Kelly Diels / August 11, 2019 /

How privilege gets displayed AND LEVERAGED in our social media feeds — in pictures of our hair, kids, counter-tops, vacations, dinners and everyday life.

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For Me, Copywriting Equals Livelihood and Power (And I Trust You With Power and Resources)

By Kelly Diels / August 5, 2019 /

Writing is a form of power. It gives us the ability to create new norms & realities. Copywriting, in particular, can change the trajectory of your business.

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a round-up of Culture Makers I’m following and reading and LOVING

By Kelly Diels / July 14, 2019 /

I get asked a lot who I follow. Here’s a quick (and not exhaustive) list of culture makers who are currently influencing and DELIGHTING me.

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What changes people?

By Kelly Diels / June 30, 2019 /

Let’s change the norms and the culture around us. That, across time, will change many of the people who were otherwise resistant.

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Business Tips for Culture Makers #624: CAUTION: how your principles and beliefs get leveraged and EXPLOITED to grow the platforms of our opponents

By Kelly Diels / June 24, 2019 /

Our attention, efforts and social media comments can and do boost people into the mainstream, so we must avoid boosting the platforms of our opponents.

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More Business Tips for Culture Makers: Signal Boost. Refer. Mentor

By Kelly Diels / June 2, 2019 /

Using your resources and reputation to lift people starting out is a culture making tool. When we use culture-making business practices, everyone can flourish.

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