on brand and women

In Our Culture, Every Woman Is a Brand

By Kelly Diels / October 18, 2018 /

In order to get access to rights and resources, every woman in our culture has to present herself as saleable, consumable object: we must brand ourselves.

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Business Tip for Culture Makers #531: Ask for Way More Than You Need

By Kelly Diels / June 4, 2018 /

When we don’t have institutions underwriting us, we have to underwrite each other. Feminist Marketing Tip #531: how feminist makers can flourish.

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The Wealthy Feminist

By Kelly Diels / August 19, 2017 / Comments Off on The Wealthy Feminist

When Gloria Steinem got a million dollar book deal, was it too much? Does Oprah have too much money? Should Shonda Rhimes get paid less? Is it possible to be a wealthy feminist?

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Getting Naked, Getting Paid, and Empowerment AKA It’s NOT Only About Your Intentions

By Kelly Diels / November 28, 2016 /

Just because a woman who has what a lot of us want tells us what she does is empowering doesn’t make it so. Discerning between impact and intentions is key.

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Business Tip for Culture Makers #626: Reconsider Your Payment Plans because Charging Extra for Payment Plans Can Be Exploitative

By Kelly Diels / June 26, 2016 /

I’m looking around at our empowerment spaces at the payment plans being offered and I’m seeing some arguably predatory practices.

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Business Tip for Culture Makers: Hire Them When They’re Hungry. Hire Them on The Way Up.

By Kelly Diels / March 29, 2016 /

Income flow or lack thereof doesn’t tell me how evolved or talented someone is. We need to hire our emerging artists, activists and entrepreneurs.

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Five Egregious Internet Marketing No-Nos

By Kelly Diels / March 7, 2016 /

Refuse to perpetuate or replicate in your marketing + sales funnels the authoritarian, predatory and abusive dynamics you want to disrupt in the world.

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The Price of Women’s Time, Because ‘Time is a Feminist Issue’

By Kelly Diels / January 31, 2016 / Comments Off on The Price of Women’s Time, Because ‘Time is a Feminist Issue’

I have zero desire to continue cosigning inequitable systems or unprotested problems with my unconscious contributions and my uncompensated time.

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