Care is a 4-letter word. So is help.

By Kelly Diels / November 27, 2015 /

Caregiving isn’t only about what we do for each other in times of crisis. It’s not only needed when there’s a diagnosis.It’s what we need to rise, together.

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White Men

By Kelly Diels / November 25, 2015 /

Instead of trying to convince people that racism and sexism exist, let’s document, discuss and confront privilege. It’s uncomfortable but it provokes change.

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Women are jealous, women pull up the ladder. Lies.

By Kelly Diels / November 23, 2015 /

Women are jealous? Women pull up the ladder? Balderdash. Nearly every one of my accomplishments can be traced back to the women in my life.

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You are Light

By Kelly Diels / November 18, 2015 /

Imagine a concert with lighters and phones in the air. That is us, the people who love. The people who welcome.Keep lighting and relighting your lamp.

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Don’t (Just) Unfriend Them

By Kelly Diels / November 11, 2015 /

Preaching to the converted is pleasant but unproductive. In the name of justice, in the name of love, keep talking with people who are getting it wrong.

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