Marketing For Culture Makers

“How Do I Price for Affordability?” and “How Do I Make My Prices More Accessible?” are The Wrong Questions

By Kelly Diels / March 16, 2022 /

The only right answer to those questions is “lower your prices”, which can be a disaster for under-earning and start-up entrepreneurs — yet doesn’t necessarily create more economic justice. And economic justice is the point. As a business development coach, I work with seriously principled people. They are specifically committed to building businesses with justice…

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Business Tip for Culture Makers #731: Fonts are a Social Impact Opportunity

By Kelly Diels / August 1, 2020 /

We all use fonts in our businesses, so there’s an opportunity make a feminist font choice by selecting fonts created by under-represented typeface designers

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FLEB Marketing Tactic #10 Testimonials as Triggers

By Kelly Diels / July 19, 2020 /

Client testimonials are not an honest indicator of real outcomes for most people, and you don’t need these unjust social triggers to hit your income goals.

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FLEB Marketing Tactic #9 Social Triggers = Social Conditions

By Kelly Diels / July 18, 2020 /

Using social triggers as sales devices without evaluating potential impact = leveraging injustice to create profit.

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FLEB Marketing Tactic #8 Safe Status Quo Imagery

By Kelly Diels / July 17, 2020 /

Using imagery that aligns with unjust social roles & expectations because they are easy to consume manufactures (fake) authority and reinforces privilege.

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FLEB Marketing Tactic #7 Re-enforces Gender Binary & Patriarchy

By Kelly Diels / July 16, 2020 /

Branding that reinforces the divine feminine/divine masculine gender binary isn’t “empowering”. It’s patriarchy, gender erasure, and it’s violent.

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FLEB Marketing Tactic #6 Relentless Positivity and Conflict Avoidance

By Kelly Diels / July 15, 2020 /

Social media profiles & FB groups that promote relentless positivity & conflict avoidance as marketing tactics reinforce unjust social norms.

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FLEB Marketing Tactic #5 Weaponized White Femininity

By Kelly Diels / July 14, 2020 /

Leveraging white supremacist beauty norms to create relationship, reputation, reach and revenue is weaponinizing white femininity for profit.

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FLEB Marketing Tactic #4 Predatory Payment Plans

By Kelly Diels / July 13, 2020 /

There’s nothing empowering about a 30% finance fee for the people least able to afford your rates.⁠ Predatory payment plans are financial injustice.⁠⠀

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FLEB Marketing Tactic #3 Male Approval

By Kelly Diels / July 12, 2020 /

Leveraging or displaying proximity to male power reinforces the patriarchal norm that only grants some women power & social approval.

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