The Wealthy Feminist

By Kelly Diels / August 19, 2017 / Comments Off on The Wealthy Feminist

When Gloria Steinem got a million dollar book deal, was it too much? Does Oprah have too much money? Should Shonda Rhimes get paid less? Is it possible to be a wealthy feminist?

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A quick note about critique vs trashing and accountability vs gossip

By Kelly Diels / July 10, 2017 /

We must distinguish between trashing and critique, and we must steward this in the communities we participate in and the communities we lead.

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Let’s Get Off This Ride and Get Justice

By Kelly Diels / July 10, 2017 /

All of us who are committed culture-makers need to connect the dots on injustice, and undo it in our lives, social media, and businesses.

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How To Sell Without Selling Out Your Principles

By Kelly Diels / March 28, 2017 /

There once was a radical commercial full of righteous body diversity that seemed to be a fist in the air for equity and inclusion. It wasn’t.

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The Language of Activism, Feminism and Revolution is Not For Sale

By Kelly Diels / January 11, 2017 /

When entrepreneurs and marketers appropriate the language of activism, we devalue the sacrifice and bloody efforts of true activists and culture-changers.

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You are a Person, Not a Court-Room. You Don’t Need Evidence.

By Kelly Diels / January 4, 2017 /

If I think something is inappropriate, and I don’t want it in my life, that’s all I need to say to take action.I don’t need evidence. I need boundaries.

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confessions about “calling in”

By Kelly Diels / December 20, 2016 /

Calling In is a refinement conversation we have with people who have a documented history of doing intersectional justice work — not for people who don’t.

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The Body, Stored Stress, and The Politics of Resentment

By Kelly Diels / December 10, 2016 /

The politics of resentment isn’t about stored stress, but it is about the body. It’s about which bodies deserve rights and resources.

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The Patriarchal Promise

The Patriarchal Promise, Part 1

By Kelly Diels / December 8, 2016 /

The Patriarchal Promise means being in the possession of an abundant livelihood, influence, respect, a beautiful subservient woman and her sexuality (or several), and a family.  In your sphere, whether it be public or private, you are the authority and you are owed not only respect but deference. (Indeed, when patriarchs express distress because they don’t…

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Getting Naked, Getting Paid, and Empowerment AKA It’s NOT Only About Your Intentions

By Kelly Diels / November 28, 2016 /

Just because a woman who has what a lot of us want tells us what she does is empowering doesn’t make it so. Discerning between impact and intentions is key.

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