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This page includes my definition of The Female Lifestyle Empowerment Brand + all my essays and blog posts explaining why it’s bad for women, our businesses and our culture.



A "perfect woman" archetype must comply with and embody in order to be deserving of rights and resources


A marketing strategy that leverages social status and white privilege to create authority over other women.

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The Female Lifestyle Empowerment Brand. An introduction.

Somewhere, on the edge of consciousness, there is what I call a mythical norm, which each one of us within our hearts knows “that is not me.” In America, this norm is usually defined as white, thin, male, young, heterosexual, Christian, and financially secure. -...

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The Context for The Female Lifestyle Empowerment Brrand

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June 26 2016

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women are not a problem

April 13 2016

Women Are Not a Problem to Be Fixed

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The Female Lifestyle Empowerment Brand: We Can Do Better

What is The Female Lifestyle Empowerment Brand and 'empowermyth'? It’s go-go entrepreneur-ism without the caveat that most women entrepreneurs start micro-businesses which generate subsistence-level revenues rather than untrammeled abundance. It’s yoga ...

March 25 2016

#tbt Toes in the Sand but NO PEDI. Also, The Beauty Myth then and now.

Ixtapa, Mexico + John Rawls + No Pedi. Unthinkable now, right? It was the 90s - before Instagram, before I even had a cell phone. ...

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Are you in?

Maybe long-term exploitation is why we feel anxious about money.⁠
No maybe about it.⁠
At the best of times, and always, there is a cultural expectation that women care. ⁠
That women care-give. ⁠
That women will lean in & help out & emotionally support & take care of everyone and everything.⁠
On the one hand, that's WONDERFUL. ⁠
Care is the glue that holds our societies, workplaces, families and relationships together. It is precious & ESSENTIAL and we should all be doing it (not just women). ⁠
Care &  caregiving is one of the most valuable skills anyone can possess and contribute.⁠
And yet...as a society, we devalue it. ⁠
We erase it from view. ⁠
We download it disproportionately onto the shoulders of women. ⁠
We make it a non-negotiable feature of being a woman. ⁠
Because this is a foundational belief of our society: that “Woman = uncompensated caregiver" and that women OWE their emotional labour and caregiving to the world.⁠
That belief is present all the time. It's especially intense during social crisis when the needs of others are multiplied.⁠
That's why we often see pushback on social media (and in our inboxes, ask me how I know) against women entrepreneurs --especially if you do care work like teaching or coaching -- who have the AUDACITY to promote their work or charge for their services *when people need them most*.⁠
How dare women ask for compensation when our collective unconscious belief about women dictates that they should be *volunteering* their care, time & services?! ⁠
If you are a women entrepreneur and receive that kind of pushback or outrage, please note that this is not actually about you, the quality of your work or your prices. ⁠
It is about the cultural mandate that women should care for free.⁠
And we get to reject it.⁠
image by @broobs.psd
Time to incubate an idea is essential for output…⁠
...and allowing yourself that time is NOT procrastination.⁠
And actual procrastination — as in, you have the idea fully cooked but do not want to sit your ass down and do it — might not always be a bad thing. ⁠
In fact, procrastination can be a source of good information. ⁠
In Antifragile, for example, Nassim Nicholas Taleb talks about the value of procrastination for a writer: ⁠
“If I defer writing a section, it must be eliminated. This is simple ethics: Why should I try to fool people by writing about a subject for which I feel no natural drive?”⁠
I’ve started using this as a point of discernment. ⁠
Sometimes I’ll outline a book or an essay…and then do.not.want.to.write one chapter or section. Often it’s a topic I feel obliged to cover rather than excited to consider. ⁠
In those instances, maybe my procrastination is instructive. ⁠
Maybe if I don’t want to write about it, maybe it’s not for me to write. ⁠
Maybe it doesn’t really need to be written by me nor included in my essay/chapter/blog post/book. ⁠
Maybe I need to reclaim and honour my no. ⁠
** No maybe about it.**⁠
So now, if I’m procrastinating hard on a topic and it’s not fear of going into hard places but simple nope-don’t-wanna-do-it, I delete that section or chapter or letter and move on to what does interest me and what I DO want to write. ⁠
Because procrastination can be GREAT information. ⁠
Listen to it. Leverage it.⁠ ⁠
I'm Kelly Diels and I write about women, power and culture-making. Want weekly doses of radical encouragement + make-shit-happen advice? You can subscribe to my #SundayLoveLetter with the link in profile -- and thank you!⁠
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