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The Female Lifestyle

Empowerment Brand

(It's not a good thing.)

This page includes my definition of The Female Lifestyle Empowerment Brand + all my essays and blog posts explaining why it’s bad for women, our businesses and our culture.



A "perfect woman" archetype must comply with and embody in order to be deserving of rights and resources


A marketing strategy that leverages social status and white privilege to create authority over other women.

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In Our Culture

Every Woman Is a Brand


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The Female Lifestyle Empowerment Brand. An introduction.

Somewhere, on the edge of consciousness, there is what I call a mythical norm, which each one of us within our hearts knows “that is not me.” In America, this norm is usually defined as white, thin, male, young, heterosexual, Christian, and financially secure. -...

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The Context for The Female Lifestyle Empowerment Brrand

Not Enough Compensation in the World

July 22 2016

Ivanka Trump is Calling All White Women

Watching Ivanka Trump speak at the RNC last week, I thought ohhhhhhhhh I get it. Racism + empowerment for overwhelmed white women is Donald Trump's ...
keep your love and light, we want justice

July 9 2016

keep your love and light, we want justice

Dr. Reverend Martin Luther King Jr was a spiritual leader who talked about love and dreams AND spoke out fiercely and unceasingly against violence and ...

June 26 2016

Business Tip for Culture Makers #626: Reconsider Your Payment Plans because Charging Extra for Payment Plans Can Be Exploitative

I’m looking around at our empowerment spaces at the payment plans being offered and I’m seeing some arguably predatory practices. In keeping with our project ...

June 17 2016

the link between our buying habits and our vote

Once upon a time, when I was doing a round of shadow boxing with my inner critic, a blogging comrade + beloved champion of mine ...

May 30 2016

Liking Someone Can Be Terrible Information

There was a guy I went to high school with. He wasn't popular per se but he was kind of badass in high school. Smart ...

May 21 2016

on the abuse of reciprocity and women

Reciprocity seems so lovely. You share, I share. You offer, I reciprocate. Fairness for all! Reciprocity is fundamentally about justice. I'm talking about it like ...

May 18 2016

On the ‘Mental Triggers’ of Online Marketing, The Female Lifestyle Empowerment Brand, Assessing Who Deserves Your Money, and Why We Should Be Skeptical of Makeover Stories

Jeff Walker's launch formula - taught in his best-selling book, Launch and his course, Product Launch Formula - has had a profound impact on online marketing. ...

April 21 2016

Pursuing Work-Life Balance Preserves the Status Quo

I have never been enthusiastic about work-life balance. It has always seemed to me that achieving work-life balance is one more thing woman are supposed to do in ...

April 14 2016

Not Every Man is a Patriarch. Not Every Patriarch is a Man.

I talk a lot about how personal beauty is used as a marketing tool by The Female Lifestyle Empowerment Brand. Everyone's gonna think I have ...
women are not a problem

April 13 2016

Women Are Not a Problem to Be Fixed

Our culture's base assumption about women is that we are a problem. At school, our bodies are a distraction and keep boys and men from ...

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